Breaking Down Clelin Ferrell’s Rookie Season | Raiders Review – FANTASY FOOTBALL FAN SITE

Breaking Down Clelin Ferrell’s Rookie Season | Raiders Review

In this week's Raiders Review, former Pro Bowl tackle Lincoln Kennedy breaks down the rookie season from defensive end Clelin Ferrell.

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Carlos •カルロス

Raider Nation 💀

King Savage

What rookie season he did not do nothing😂😂😂

Ivan Esparza

For being drafted as high as he was, he needed to preform way better than what he did. Not calling him a bust but his presence in the defense was almost nonexistent at times


Stats aren’t everything he is developing into a really good player

Ivan Esparza

Raiders need to dedicate this upcoming draft to defensive backs because Erik Harris, Worley and Joyner are some of the worst backs i’ve ever seen.

Spencer Tullis

Excellent review Professor. Definitely a 4th rounder. Every down defensive lineman.


    1st round, 4th overall

Noche Nwofor

His stats are similar to Macks in his rookie year

Sikeer Xyoojj

This year he will be better.

Daniel Spinosa

When you have no secondary and no linebackers it’s kind of hard to get to the qb. I’m happy with his season but he along with the entirety of the defence need to improve drastically if we’re going to be contenders moving forward. I strongly believe if we had a more travel friendly schedule we could have went 8-8 or 9-7 no problem but that’s not an excuse

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