Bradley Bozeman On Living in an RV, Learning From Yanda | Ravens Q&A – FANTASY FOOTBALL FAN SITE

Bradley Bozeman On Living in an RV, Learning From Yanda | Ravens Q&A

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Left guard Bradley Bozeman talks about the Steelers, life in an RV, his first year as a starter, lessons learned from Marshal Yanda and much more.

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Frank King

I’m a proud Ravens bandwagon 😎😎

    Co Mo

    I personally believe Marshall Yanda is a HOF player

Brian Noland

Him and Marshal almost reminds me of the relationship between Shannon Sharpe and Todd Heap. You can tell he has tons of respect for him and he’s clearly been picking up a lot from observing him. Between Bozeman, Mekari, Stanley, and Brown once again have to hand it to the Ravens front office for building a VERY good young front line.

BJ Dickman

Great interview but next time get the sound better.

David Rodriguez

Love how frugal Bozeman is being by skipping out on renting and purchasing an RV. So smart.

Ben Valenzuela

He should have a spot specifically at the bank for his rv

grim farm

One game at a time!!

king shark

Internal team mvp….. real raven heads knew L guard was supposed and well was our weak point.

Bozeman went from skull dragged vs the chargers in the playoffs, to dam near wasn’t in the picture, to almost 3rd string, toooooooo…. held that mfkn L guard spot down all year after week 3.

Inner circle team mvp.


Wow a RV…pretty cool as well very smart. I am so excited to see us play on Sunday. Go RavensπŸ’™βœŠπŸ‘ŠπŸ’ͺ

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