Bobby Massie talks about ankle: I’ll be good to go next season – FANTASY FOOTBALL FAN SITE
Ean Guieb

Yea it’ll be good just in time for you to watch DaBears from your living room

Travis Miles

I got to get a picture of him and my daughter at this years camp and he chatted with me for about 5 minutes. Very good person just isnt for us. We need younger. The sad thing is were not winning with him so we need to move on

Sal Coscino

Sorry but you and Leno need to go!!!

Whisky Cat Gaming

Next season???
You are worst right tackle.

Marvin Greer

Release this bum💯💯💯


I hope you not a Bear next year!!!!


Sorry Massie but the comments all over social media say otherwise in terms of this OL. Nice dude I’m sure but have to move on from him at some point. Don’t think it will be asap but hopefully Bears can move on from Charles Leno Jr aka the guy who fell on 90% of the plays this season and should be the main guy responsible for most of these sacks and poor running game

Benjamin Rogers

Take your saloon door blocking to another team…

Yoshibro 456

Resigning this BUM was a mistake

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