Bill Belichick: “We’re closing in on the biggest game of the year” | Press Conference – FANTASY FOOTBALL FAN SITE
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Let’s go pats

Krish Patel

This happens every year. No one understands.
Go pats

    Eric Fleming

    We have a chance as long as the defense really steps us. 1 game at a time shut them down.

    Dylan Wu

    @Eric Fleming if we can beat kansas city in the divisional round, we have a good chance of making the super bowl. i think we should be able to beat the titans. should be a great game either way. Go Pats!

    Krish Patel

    @Eric Fleming Exactly

    Eric Fleming

    @Dylan Wu Upsets happen in playoffs every year wouldn’t suprise me if KC or Baltimore gets upset which would mean we only have to beat one of them. If our defense can play the way they are capable we have a great chance against anyone. To have to beat KC and Baltimore on the road back to back is gonna be extremely tough though.

    Jeff's Games Zone


Edgar srosales

Go patriots !!!

Derek Levesque

Massachusetts is getting snow Saturday night. It should be a fun game. Tennessee ain’t ready for this! *#DriveFor**#7*

    Joshua Smith

    @Derek Levesque 31-10 Brady tosses 3 in the end zone, Michelle runs one in and a field goal

    Derek Levesque

    @Joshua Smith Nick Folk is our new Vinatieri 😂

    Locksley Newton

    The snow should have came last week when we play against Miami

    Derek Levesque

    @Locksley Newton It’s all apart of the painting be painted my friend.

    Soundness Of Mind

    I think we beat Titans.but no way kc loses two years in row at home ..especially with no gronk and an improved defense for kc

Denzel 'My Niqqa' Washington

*Bill has this same facial expression in the preseason, the same face in regular season, same in playoffs, the same face when hes happy, the same face when hes mad, even the same face during sex. This is Bill’s “Let’s Party” face. Haha*

    Frank Tank

    cuz hes an ahole and a cheater!

    yung boolin

    @Frank Tank and you’re ugly and poor! Guess we all got problems :/

    yung boolin

    @Frank TankI gotta keep my socks cuz ya mama has athletes foot and she like to play footsies.


I’m still on your back patriots! GoPats!

4 Eyed Animation

He is in Bill mode…here comes another Superbowl!

    Wypipo Trippin

    Not this year. The odds are stacked way too much against them. They are not a SB contender this year, just always a good team. That is why they are in the playoffs, but they are not beating the Chiefs or the Ravens this year.

    4 Eyed Animation

    @Wypipo Trippin I talked to the team and they all promised another SB win

    Torrey Gary

    @4 Eyed Animation GO PATRIOTS 💪 🏈💍 🏆

    Wypipo Trippin

    @4 Eyed Animation LOL, that doesn’t guarantee anything.

red 91

2020 60 years established. Pat’s love doing things the hard way !! Let’s go pats !!

Tammy Gibbons

These reporters act like they’ve never seen or talked to Bill before. He doesn’t answer moronic questions–so don’t ask them!!!

Joshua Smith

Patriots will take the Titans 31 to 10, never look back and get their seventh ring

    Rifat Inqiad

    did you have the pats beating miami? ight keep your predictions to yourself


59-0 final score to make me feel good #patsnation

Jai Sion

He shaved lol

Ulises Valle

Sometimes I like how well he always speaks about the opposing teams and always give them credit….he did it even to the bengals for crying out loud

Marlon Dominguez

Pats lose a game , The so called fans jump ship , win again Back in the wagon , lose again , jump again , in a way is good for get rid of the van wagoners, I’m a Patriots till the last Whistle , Win or lose Go Patriots!!! Patriots In January Anything can happen

    Mark S

    Tell them go be a chiefs fan or Ravens Pat’s fan all day bro bring it

Sean Clark

Let’s Go Slay the Titans!!! Sights on 7!!! Go Patriots!!!

Todd Johnson

The dude who asked the question about the three tight end package is the only reporter with a clue and the only reporter belichek will answer substantively.


1. I do what’s best the team
2. He does what’s best for the team
3. We’re focused on this week’s game
4. They do everything good
Repeat for 9 mins 😂😂😂BB is a GOD!

Morty P

Bill Where did it all go wrong? Sanu etc 😢

Viktor Myškovský

another legendary Press Conference.. 😀 gotta love this guy


Tom always plays better than the other guy in the snow. I wouldnt say he plays his best, but def has an edge over warm weather QBs

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