Bill Belichick: “I’m proud of the way our team competed” – FANTASY FOOTBALL FAN SITE



This Patriots fan is worried about that road through Baltimore

    Marlene GB

    Yeah Freaky-L is amazing!. But when TB12 wrote his funny line about racing Lamar in a 40 yd dash, someone from Balt-mer wrote back and said “Freaky-L got wings GOAT”. They know Lamar is amazing, but the entire NFL knows the little pervert in sneakers and his pal Goddell tied AB to the “whipping post” and found him guilty before innocent. Tom & Bill can’t have AB, but the entire NFL can now have Satanist Jay-Z


    Appleholic1 you should be the Ravens are gonna split Brady’s wig, that toupee is gonna be hurting. 👴🏻

    margaret walsh

    scared to death

    J H

    This one is too.

    J H

    Yeah at this point in their career, what do we have to prove. Everybody loves you untill you win too much.

EaST CoAsT MaCHete

Good win .

Lyle Stavast

Gilmore is so smooth and closes fast – shame they haven’t tried him as a receiver given the lower performance in that space this year. He knows how defenders think – put a few routes together with some rubs – he could be a good boost a couple times a game.

    donnie vincent

    agreed they did with troy brown in the past, they should use in in a couple plays but save it for the playoffs

brady chick

Way to bounce back Patriots 👏👏👍

Bostonzo B

wow he had some really nice compliments for the bengals players in this conference

    Speaking Truths

    Bostonzo B Yes, I’ve never heard anyone compliment a 1-13 team like that. I’m sure he is so effusive in his praise because they got caught doing something they shouldn’t have been doing by filming them.

    Johnny Bravo

    Hmm wonder if it had anything to do with them recording them a weak prior….?


Lost two in a row December of last year.. just saying…

Michael Newland

Need to start a Drinking shots game to every time he smacks 😂😂😂

Thanos Etsitty

They are gonna something simple for the receiver core in the playoffs. They don’t show everything during the regular season. It’ll be a whole different team in the playoffs.

    Marshall T.

    Its a poker game… you don’t show your cards


    Thanos Etsitty keep telling yourself that. If you think Brady who was born in 1977, is gonna reinvent the Patriots offense in the playoffs you’re clearly delusional.

    Speaking Truths

    Thanos Etsitty You’re a very good lesson for anyone out there: Never listen to anyone who can’t properly put a sentence together. What the hell is “they are gonna something simple for the receiving core.” Furthermore, their roster is their roster, so this whole “they don’t show everything during the regular season” comment doesn’t make any sense. At least you are consistent with your stupidity.

    Peter Sclafani

    I disagree. No wide outs, meaning no deep threat. The defense giving up alot of running plays. The db not as sharp in covering. The play calling not good. Running game avg. 2 yards a carry. The key is the offense line.

Alfonso Soto-Adame

Let’s go New England Patriots

Nara Ton

On to Bills, Saturday game #LFG

Alfonso Soto-Adame



    Alfonso Soto-Adame BB Absolute weasel, and known cheater.

    Johnny Bravo


    John Patrick

    Greatest coach of all time. Only haters say otherwise.

Charly Gr. v.L.

Congratulations, Bill 👍👍🏈
An exciting game that has reflected the quality of the pats. It was really a competed way and we are very proud, too. We wish you all a good recovery time for the Dec 21st.

    Konstantin Frhr. v.B.


    Ingo Seeliger

    Korrekt Charly, war wirklich spannend das Spiel und vereinzelt hervorragende Spielzüge und es hat Spass gemacht als Laie zuzuschauen.

    Clint Huff

    Lol “the quality of the pats” 😂😂😂 they won against an 12 losses team tf you talking about. I would be ashamed of them it should of been a blow out

    Charly Gr. v.L.

    @Clint Huff
    Clint, thanks for your tip.
    My friends and I, we are working in the HR depts. and we are always used to expressing things in a very motivating and polite manner. Bill will absolutely know the deficits and he has “OUR” complete confidence. It was very nice for us (as fans) to see a successful game, no matter which position the opponent has. And we have no further wishes – that’s all !!!
    And no further comments about cheating etc., please. That is not in our line of intetest, we are only fans.

mike Q

Bill was gassing up the bengals heavy, I’ve never really heard him praise so many guys on the other team during a post game presser. “Best back in the league mixon” “Tyler Eifert outstanding effort” ” best wr in the league AJ green” ” bengals are about to be a great team moving forward” like what??? He acting like he’s the bengals coach what

    Jacob LaMonica

    mike Q after watching all that FILM on the bengals, he knows them well

Brent Dowland

General Manager Coach Belichick understands it’s only a game, a game of war!


🐐🐐 🐐 🐐


Erm Pats won right? Coach Belichick just being coach Belichick, huh.. 😂

Kelly S.

I love the pats win or lose. Go pats.

Smarty The Pants

Win or lose, I love my Patriots. If we get there and win, cool. If we get there and lose, move on. If we don’t get there, next year. No one wins them all. Let’s go!

allen fraser

Imagine if they had an offence to go with their defence. A winning season, but no super bowl, that’s for sure. Can’t go there every year, just have to count their blessings and all their accomplishments from the past few years.

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