Bigger Need at Inside Linebacker or Edge Rusher? | #RavensMailbag – FANTASY FOOTBALL FAN SITE

Bigger Need at Inside Linebacker or Edge Rusher? | #RavensMailbag

What are the chances of signing defensive tackle Chris Jones in free agency? Who is more likely to re-sign, Michael Pierce or Patrick Onwuasor?

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Shaun Branson


ZayKing 56

Wen need an edge rusher more than an inside linebacker. Now that I think about it. Who do we have at linebacker.

ryan damon

What the plan ravens πŸ–€πŸ–€πŸ’œπŸ’œπŸˆ

Michael Couture

Signing Chris Jones or Yannick somehow would be ideal, and hopefully we could get Queen or Murray in the draft (barring a better WR being in).

    Ant Chao

    Michael Couture yannick gonna be tagged by Jacksonville


Edge. We always find day three picks and undrafted/low tier free agents to play linebacker. We need someone who can generate pass rush without blitzing, whether it’s from the edge or interior.


Edge rusher



Sam Dath

Don’t mind go ravens

410 Dynamic

Peanut probably costed himself a big pay day as a Mike Linebacker

    king shark

    He was way out of position too, effected his play.

Romulus I

Pass Rusher. I cant remember the last time we had a fearsome pass rush.

    Mathew Lagueux

    With T-Sizz and Dumervil= nightmare lol

    king shark

    Suggs, zadarius, judon…. that was 2017, have you not remembered the 9 sack titan game.

    We have guys, we just get cheap and stingy when contract time come up. Then lose them.

    Nightmare Kilo

    king shark that game was 2018

    king shark

    @Nightmare Kilo … riiight.

Raven Gang

Edge rusher is definitely what we need

king shark

😏 , let’s see we let a inside lb that secured our playoff berth walk in his 1st contract after the rookie deal. We thought some 2nd and 3rd yr guys could fill that void. …. not. Ended up trading 1, and had 1 out of position and ended up getting two vets off the scrap heap that got the work done.

Long story short, ….. this lame cycle of, draft guys, develop them, then dump them in the trash before contract time is getting old.

All we gone be with that mantra is a regular season team and at best division crown team.

Uhhhhhhhh, big dance we got there with our day 1 vets, guys we inked beyond just a rookie deal.

Stop this old taking a shot in the dark on cheap young talent.

Fernando Tadeo Perez Capistran

I am seriously consdering wanting zach baun especially as he is being compared to clay matthews, a 6 time probowler

Satanic Fiend

we need justin jefferson smhh

    Rashad Johnson


    Nightmare Kilo

    Rashad Johnson yesss I wouldn’t mind him at all but defense is the biggest need tbh

Chrisie Neef

β€œ We get that solid ILB β€œ judon will get there , Ferguson will come alive 🦈πŸ₯‹

Damon Gallo

we need an edge rusher

Carlos A GB

Noo, please contract chase young !!! Y good player !!

    Nightmare Kilo

    Carlos A GB how the hell do you expect us to get arguably a number one prospect at pick 28????

Carlos A GB

For sacks we needs chase young !!!

mr coolc

Wr is what they really need

mr coolc

Ravens should trade up in the draft

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