Between The Lines: Green Bay Packers 23, Minnesota Vikings 10 – FANTASY FOOTBALL FAN SITE

Between The Lines: Green Bay Packers 23, Minnesota Vikings 10

The Voice of the Vikings, Paul Allen, and Vikings Radio Network Analyst Ben Leber break down Monday's game between the Minnesota Vikings and Green Bay Packers.

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Vikings highlights

Even though we lost,skol vikings

    Stinky Nuts aka Lamarcus

    Get used to saying that. Gotta be a theme for u now


We need to fix things going into the playoffs. This just shows how much of a difference Dalvin makes.


    Maybe they will make those adjustments in the 2nd half of the post season when they are sitting on the couch

    Gary Oak

    Wasn’t the lack of Cook. The lack of coaching. And the lack of an offensive line, I don’t know where they were today.

    There gameplan going in was to run the game through Boone. LOLOLOL. Pay me ten million dollars a year and I’ll coach the team. For the entire first half they would run twice, pick up four yards total. Give a third and long to Cousins, and then he gets hurried. Recipe for disaster.

    Keith Hodge

    @Gary Oak pretty much. Stefanski is a geriatric. run run pass punt. That’s his formula most of the time. Doesn’t help when ya got a coach who has a hard on for running the ball no matter what RB we got back flash Zim, Peterson ain’t in the backfield anymore. Wish we still fckn had him.

    Gary Oak

    Keith Hodge yeah Zimmer should not be a head coach. With the offensive talent we have at QB, RB, TE, and WR, we should be putting up 30 plus points every game. Sick of defensive minded head coaches. They all think it’s 1975 still. Air it out. Run second to throw it off balance. Not the other way around.

    Sum Ego

    If a team depends on one player to win a game, then it’s not a very good team.

    The Vikings are a one and done in the playoffs -why go?


Uffda som sugde

Zach Rabe

they didn’t even try to make up some shizz that the Vikings did good this time lol

Mark Club

They pretty much said nothing 😂


    Yeah Paul was pretty pissed and acted like a child but he shoulda been more professional and talked more about what happened

Tyler Hardin

That was short usually 7 mins lol that was a 1 minuet one

Joe Stupka

Terrible game


    Joe Stupka wow your sour.

    Thelma Peckerwood

    @Springerball it’s TRUE stinky

    Tenno Tube2

    What do u expect it’s a Vikings fan and we barely had any big plays when our defense had 3 turnovers and Kirk cousins kept getting sacked but for packers fans that was a good game for them, gg though

    Tee Moncrief

    Joe Stupka Kirk Kirk Kirk we need Jalen hurts Skol !!


Frazier era esque.. without AP.

Uwe Tölz

Pathetic showing.

Everyone was stealing my name annoying

As usual, we get tossed around like a rag doll by the packers… this franchise is 💩

    Sheryl Lemons

    Everyone was stealing my name annoying I mean that’s cap talk cuz we usually beat them🤷🏼‍♂️😭


    Sheryl Lemons no we don’t we have beaten them a lot the past 2 years but besides that we have been crushed

gary cobiak

One of the worst performances ever but a Vikings team. Had no idea Cook meant so much for the offense. Jeez.


    gary cobiak he does and he doesn’t. Cook couldn’t change the game but he is important for the offense in play calls. They didn’t run a lot of play action like they normally do.

    Tee Moncrief

    gary cobiak Kirk not a real qb 0-9 not a mistake just a nervous guy man I see it we need a scrambler and baller

Chad Wick

Jeez. The offense mails it in and so does between the lines. Merry Christmas all. Skol playoffs!

    Freer Habit

    Well said

    Tee Moncrief

    Chad Wick Kirk so generic it’s sad at times we ain’t winning no super bowl with him with game on the line can’t even scramble smh

Freer Habit

I can no longer call myself a Vikings fan after tonight. I’m gunna go play video games and stop wasting my time with football.

    imtc 88

    I done with Cousins, turned the game off after interception.

    Tee Moncrief

    Freer Habit yeah Kirk we never be a baller might have to draft a qb in top 2 rounds need hurts from Oklahoma or something Kirk a statue

Violet Valkyrie

Vikings should rest the starters and secondary in the Chicago game. Zero reason to risk injury on a garbage game. And the third string could use the game experience. No point in wasting energy on the bear cubs.


    Violet Valkyrie they need to run some offensive plays against a good defense to try to get their offense rolling again. And the line needs some work.

    Violet Valkyrie

    @Springerball what they need is a better head coach, a better QB among other things. But that isn’t going to happen before the playoffs. If they going to be more then one and done in the playoffs, they need to be healthy.

    Derek Baker

    @Violet Valkyrie So, they should still rest Cook & Mattison, plus Hendricks & Barr if they aren’t 100% However, IMHO, the rest of the offence needs to get their mojo back, the defence needs to stay in synch & work on pass coverage, and special teams need to stay sharp. Taking a week off from game action only increases the chances of inconsistency. As far as the risk of injury is concerned, they’ve stayed pretty healthy all year, and – heck – they’re just as likely to get hurt in practice. lol


    Yes limited play for our starters as long as they stay sharp. Defense especially! They earned it.

Tee Moncrief

We need a scrambler qb that can ball and make plays Kirk to generic lol

    Everyone was stealing my name annoying

    Tee Moncrief They don’t last

Tee Moncrief

Kirk just not a baller to generic I’m 100 percent I want a new qb next year that can ball when things going wrong 0-9 in Monday night not a mistake defense played there best

Derek Trippel

Well that was short


yeah this team sucks. first round playoff exit incoming. packers are at most the fifth or sixth best team in the league right now.

“SKOL” lmfao sounds like an autistic kid screaming. vikings fans are so cringe

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