Between The Lines: Chicago Bears 21, Minnesota Vikings 19 – FANTASY FOOTBALL FAN SITE

Between The Lines: Chicago Bears 21, Minnesota Vikings 19

The Voice of the Vikings, Paul Allen, and Vikings Radio Network Analyst Ben Leber break down Sunday's game between the Minnesota Vikings and Chicago Bears.

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Riley colclazier

Your my favorite team please see this go VIKINGS skol

    Christian Hansen

    They don’t look at comments most of the time

Ragnar 1312

#SKOL my friends

Randy Runnels

#no mercy no wimps.


Do you have reoccurring dreams that THIS is THE year the Vikings FINALLY win it all?
Ask your doctor if Fuxemup is right for you!

(some patients have experienced bleeding purple from every orifice, a sore throat from yelling profanities, and in rare cases a dislocated shoulder from throwing the remote through the TV)


    cronoesify every player has played well and the past 2 games they have been resting so I have hope that this team in full can pull through but anything can happen in the playoffs


    @Tyler oh I will be watching the games. Unlike today.

    But my hopes aren’t terribly high. I can see a run in there, but it’s going to have to be a series of three games that are miracles in the way Eli did when he won his first.


    cronoesify I agree I believe they can I don’t think they will and wouldn’t be shocked if we are one and done


    @Tyler Do you prefer a last second letdown or a 41-donut thrashing? (again)


    MrNoblemanoflove last second let down at least you played close

Mark Solarz

Fair analysis! We shall see what we see! They have the talent. When they click, I’ll be watching,…hopefully not after another winter storm! Those roads were nasty!


So, where are we getting our butts kicked next week? Seattle or New Orleans? Place your bets.


    If I was going to the game I think I would go New Orleans. I heard they got good food and nice weather

    Hanna Naegeli

    I’d say New Orleans.

    Hendrickson Runner

    By 17 points and then it’s, we’ll get them next year, it’s our year, I’m glad I quit watching this pathetic team. I’ve have better things to do.


Imagine getting swept by the Bears 2 years in a row.

    Stay Woke

    Imagine the Bears going to the playoffs

    brandon clobes

    @Skoless oh yes the L really stings

    david garcia

    Stay Woke won’t matter against the saints one and done just like us lol

    Stay Woke

    @david garcia just like who ?

    Stay Woke

    Garcia we join to beat the saints I’m not worried about dat

Chris S

The backups played well…there are some hidden gems within the backups

    XD Productions

    #15, Of course Mike Boone, Maybe Hercules, D-Line, and Chris Boyd. Really liked them.

    I Create Peace

    Idk if he is a backup by ifeadi odenigbo is an absolute legend

jesse donaldson

A loss to the pack 2x and to the bears 2x no way!!!!


    it is what it is. at least they’re in the playoffs and hopefully, with everyone healthy…they can beat those Saints that are still ‘hurt’ over they’re mishaps a few years ago.

Mart 31

Backups put up a better fight than the starters


The Vikings will not make it.Its realityOffensive better pick it up.

George Egri

Vikings best of the best in playing fool’sball🤔


On to the playoffs

    Hendrickson Runner

    Then clean out the lockers and head home for the season.


Cryotherapy ASAP for the injured and get ready for the Saints, most Likely


I would not assume that Dalvin Cook and Alexander Mattison are “completely healthy” now. I don’t care what Zimmer says. Zimmer isn’t going to be truthful with any media personality because he still has this fear that he’s going to help the opposition with injury news.


We suck again! Limping into the playoffs underperforming.

Brass Boy

Ah last second field goal oh well

Mark Blomster

We’ll come out flat next week and already have our excuse ready bc the starters had sat out today. One and done, guaranteed.

Patrick Harty

Zero momentum going into the playoffs, not proud at all that the Vikes got swept by both the Cheeseheads & the bears this year, great job of a 2 game losing streak going into playoffs. I really hope this gamble by Zimmer to blow off 2 games going into playoffs works 🤔

OG fade

Thanks Vikings u could have gave my raiders a better pick in the draft

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