Best From Media Availability – 12.19.19 | Week 16 | Raiders – FANTASY FOOTBALL FAN SITE

Best From Media Availability – 12.19.19 | Week 16 | Raiders

Watch the best moments from Hunter Renfrow and Tyrell Williams during media availability ahead of the Raiders Week 16 matchup against the Los Angeles Chargers.

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Anthony Benedetti

Really happy he’s a raider!

    Rome Danger

    Who? There is multiple ppl here

    darkside soldier!!

    @Rome Danger renfrow idiot

rain whenidie666

“they know what type of player i am” youre right a number 2 reciever type of player. dude is good with a solid number 1 taking doubles. i HOPE i am wrong about the future but i DONT see him as a number 1. Make me eat words! i like him as a slot or number 2 but not number 1

    rain whenidie666

    ​@Johnny Utah raider brought him in to be a number 1

    Olly Shrubs

    He is a slot reciever cos of his hands and cuts and also his reliability on 3rd down he won’t more than a number 2 cos he don’t have the speed for a true #1 reciever but his ability more than makes up for it as a #2 or slot reciever. I say draft Ceedee Lamb, Henry Ruggs III, Jaylen Waddle for #1 cut William save 11m put Zay as #2 and keep Renfrow in the slot and switch Zay and Renfrow around some of the time to confuse the opposing defence.

    Rainman J

    @Olly Shrubs very well said. brilliant understanding of the game

    Olly Shrubs

    @Rainman J thanks bro I am actually from Australia but love football both Aussie rules and NFL I love studying NFL film cos of the strategy in NFL. I often to refer to NFL as a turn base strategy game and AFL as an action RPG lol we do have strategy in AFL but is a flow on game so once the ball is thrown up like a basketball tip off its pretty fast game

    Johnny Utah

    @rain whenidie666 really???? With AB and Williams already on the team at the time of the draft?

Unkle Joe

Pls don’t play

Johnny Utah

At least Hunter can catch the ball!!


    Johnny Utah except against the Jets

    Charles Hutton

    @DrunkenMolesterPaul Nobody did well against the Jets. Gotta become a better team in blustery weather. Most of Hunter’s few drops this year were tough catches usually made.

Bearded Gunny

Williams is a bust pick up… Renfrow is the best WR on the team


    That is like saying Renfrow is the best smelling turd in a toilet.


    Bearded Gunny Williams is playing with an injury he was doing good before the injury

    Popeyes Chicken Sandwich

    @rwilliams215 lmao

ulysses cooper

Is that the paperboy? πŸ—žοΈ

Jesus Flores

I have plantar fasciitis. The best thing you can do is get ortho’s, stretch your feet in the morning, and ice your feet at night. Freeze a water bottle and roll it under your feet at the end of the day.

    Sol6rG6mes ForYou

    Pretty sure these guys are able to take care of themselves alot better than you. They get planters for tougher reasons. While you’re out their dancing like a little girl they’re taking big hits and funning 600 yards a day in practice

    Jesus Flores

    @Sol6rG6mes ForYou Thanks for knowing my life. Shall I make similar sweeping assumptions about you, and your life? But, you do have a point that they get a heck of a lot better healthcare than most average hard working Joe’s. Plus, they have special trainers and therapists with all the perks. You’re a real tough guy on the internet. Shows so much courage, bro. Mommy must be proud.

    Sol6rG6mes ForYou

    @Jesus Flores No, I only play for Football for the U of M. I wouldn’t know anything about Athleticism. Especially with our record year

    Jesus Flores

    @Sol6rG6mes ForYou Daaamm! Ok.

    Sol6rG6mes ForYou

    @Jesus Flores raider nation

Daniel Madden

Be specific about injury dont talk about injuries if you dont tell specifically what is injured telling everyone your injured yet we dont know what is wrong, dont help us we dont know how seriouse it is. If you dont know what is wrong you better find out.

Johnny Martinez

Ur ok . Ur madden Rating should be 83…….

Johnny Martinez

Tyrell Williams ur madden rating is 75!!!

Gordo Skinny

Just take the rest of the season off man


Shout out to Renfrow for stepping up he has been one of the bright spots on our team plays with heart! RN4L

Popeyes Chicken Sandwich

carr is trash!!

    jay sauce

    Explain don’t just throw comments out there. It makes you look dumb

    Popeyes Chicken Sandwich

    @jay sauce the only one looking dumb is carr πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ‡ΊπŸ‡Έ

Watts Raider

my boi renfro!!!!!!


    Watts Raider bruhh I read the comment before the name and I knew it was you! Lmfaooo Raider Nation baby πŸ’ͺ🏿☠️

Edgar Lopez

What does tyrells injury have to do with his hands dropping balls?

    Leon Florence

    His hands are feet. Duh.

Gergely Szeman

We definitely need Hunter and Tyrell for sure. We need a #1 WR as well and some depth of the roster. I am very excited to see Jonathan Abraham back. The truth is, several great starters are on the IR list πŸ™ I am proud of that young team no matter what. Go Raiders!!


    We need to get rid of Tyrell. Way too many drive ending drops from Tyrell.

Say When

I’m done listening to all of them this year.

bill hawk

Like our rookie class alot! Everything pretty much sucks!

Lynne Moss

Cant wait to see Hunter and Tyrell live at the game Sunday!!

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