Benny Snell Will NOT Go Down on TD Drive! – FANTASY FOOTBALL FAN SITE

Benny Snell Will NOT Go Down on TD Drive!

Benny Snell helps carry the Steelers downfield as he rushes for a 19-yard run and a 5-yard touchdown run. The Pittsburgh Steelers take on the Baltimore Ravens during Week 17 of the 2019 NFL season.

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Won’t be in the playoffs tho

    Depressed Steelers Fan

    Braden Hudson bruh, go win a super bowl lmao

    Nicholas Dunn

    Depressed Steelers Fan lol. So bad you gotta tell division rivals to go win the Super Bowl.

    Depressed Steelers Fan

    Nicholas Dunn he ain’t a division rival you spoon

Frosted Ice Pharoah

Not a good look from our backups but let’s be grateful that we’re on top and the Steelers are going home.

    Jeremy Cahill

    Frosted Ice Pharoah did anyone ask

    Youtube FBI

    Jeremy Cahill did anything ask for you to say that?

    ymob ymob

    F raves

    Nate The Great

    Jeremy Cahill No, but y’all are just butthurt your Squealers aren’t making it to the playoffs!

    Nate The Great

    Jeremy Cahill I’m just kidding😂 Love the rivalry between Ravens and Steelers!

bruce lau

Pittsburgh sadly will not be making the playoffs tho , cause of Tennessee

    Jekadon Mack-Castilleja

    bruce lau cuz Houston has nothing to play for they are already in the playoffs

    Jack Lambert

    They don’t deserve the playoffs if relying on another teams outcome and the planets to align. They would get buried in the first round anyway. Like the eagles will. Rather watch cinn vs wash


The Ravens are not even taking this game seriously.

    Demon Love

    BeyondEllisBeck I seen that, laid back as hell

    Jeff Jeff

    And are still winning

    Nick Madison

    It’s the Steelers 🤷🏾‍♂️

    Maximilian Hübner

    they didnt need to


This didn’t deserve its own video. Clickbait title

Skrilla Forilla

He literally went down every play? Terrible title. . But, good runs


RoguePepper 9606

He broke off one tackle calm down

    Jason Coutlee

    RoguePepper 9606 lol still not the smartest of D by the ravens imo

Corbin Goles

Go Ravens

Marcus Weathers

NFL is a bunch of haters, why show highlights of the team that’s
Losing for the halftime clip 😔.
The NFL has been hating the BR
All year..🤔 , all the pretty boys of
The league been getting dusted off by the RAVENS…” Neva more”!!

    Auston Cly

    Probably cause ravens give the game to God. And the performance this season shows thankyou God win or lose.

    Manuel Angeles

    Whats means BR???

istarted Smalltime

Was it a face mask?

Marijuana Pepsi

This game is pretty much uneventful. I miss Lamar but go Ravens💜🖤

JJRobloxGaming 19

Cmon Ravens Don’t Screw This Up I don’t want 2020 to be my sadness

Damon Gibson

It don’t matter we not gonna go to the playoffs. I hate Randy he’s horrible at calling plays. And I better not see Duck play another down for the Steelers ever.


Ravens Nation!

    Scrambled Eggs

    G. CRAIG Yeah!!

    AlbertThePro 40

    They won the ravens did they

    Scrambled Eggs

    AlbertThePro 40 yes



Berry Tharp

Snell couldn’t make the Ravens 4th team practice squad

    Chyko Money

    I’ll be back for this comment un the next couple if years

Obinna Nwakwue

Sorry this game is meaningless for y’all Steelers.

-the Texans

Angela Barry


Maximilian Hübner

whats the point of this video

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