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don Ander

Please start second and third string players to see if we have any hidden talent losing doesn’t matter we will get a better draft pick it wasn’t the season we hoped it could’ve been a lot worse So congratulations on that we will get there

    max perez

    don Ander see I would like that but Nagy coming from the chiefs he’s going to try and show up. And Mitchell trubisky is going to have to try and out play Patrick mahomes to try and shut up people about the Mahomes could of been a bear talk.


    @max perez out play mahomes, lmao

    I'm Awesome

    How can it be worse??

Yoshibro 456

Our last home game at Soldier Field

Jason_ Todd_is BATMAN

Idk why but this bear buzz didn’t hype me up 😶 🐻⬇️


    because there is no hope for playoffs. Pointless games

youngblak Wall Street

The CHICAGO BEARS should have finished 11 or 12 wins this Bears team is much better then there 7-7 .500 record minor setback set-up for a major comeback 2020

    D Greene

    As long as Nagy is coach, I have no confidence. Ultimately, his scheme trying to make a mobile QB a pocket passer with a feeble OL blew this season. He failed miserably at evaluating his talent. He also wasted the preseason by sitting his starters when he could have used it to evaluate that talent. I must not forget Ryan Pace. He has had 5 years to build a competent OL and has stocked the Bears with garbage. Cody Whitehair is the only keeper on that line. Pace is a great defense scout, but has blown most of thr Bears 1st round Offense picks. I think Mitch has promise if Nagy allows Mitch to be Mitch. He was drafted #1 because of his mobility. The reality is though Pace passed up at least 3 better QBs since he arrived in Chicago. People forget he passed up Dak Prescott the year before Mahomes, etc.

Emperor Penguin

Trick to beating Mahomes; shove his face into the cold Chicago dirt

AA Gaming

Let’s go chicago u got this

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