Bears Top Offensive Plays of 2019 | Thayer’s Playbook – FANTASY FOOTBALL FAN SITE
Matthew Krulak

Honestly surprised there were 10 minutes of good offensive plays

    Mitch 10

    Shutup 😂


Let’s just say we’re a good team…. that chokes really really hard.

Bboy B3000

Oh please Robinson carried the offense this season I’m still pissed that he isn’t voted to the pro bowl

Hr Meowingtons

We need another quarterback, not even Trubisky, much less Daniel have worked. Well, you don’t convince me, I don’t know about you.

    one hit rick C

    Mitch is fine

one hit rick C

Let’s make the bears make it to the super bowl next year

Floyd Anderson

Another QB ,We gotta trust the process , I get it , I want My Bears to win now too, but Mitch is a good young QB, yeah he had bad season, but that young man kept fighting all season, he got knock down a lot this season, but kept getting up, He didn’t Quit on us like Jay Cutler did, and I liked Cutler, but Cutler Quit on us a lotta of times, Give this young a chance, watch he gonna have good and great seasons for us true bears fans, I’m a Chicago Bears fans through the good and bad, Go Bears!!! Beardown!!!

Legend Gotta Catch Em All

Give Mitch an Oline


GO BEARS!!! 🏈 🐻

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