Baldy’s Breakdowns: How Did Danielle Hunter and Everson Griffen Disrupt The Saints Offense? – FANTASY FOOTBALL FAN SITE

Baldy’s Breakdowns: How Did Danielle Hunter and Everson Griffen Disrupt The Saints Offense?

NFL Network's Brian Baldinger take a closer look at how the Minnesota Vikings defense was able to shut down Drew Brees and the high-powered New Orleans Saints offense in the Wild Card round.

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Drew Weske

We coming



Webster Kollie

Kyle Rudolph the Red-Zone reindeer is now a folktale, and Dalvin Cook unleashed his dreadlocks superpowers lol. Saints didn’t want Diggs to beat them and left Adam one on one

    Vikes #5

    Webster Kollie yessir then he torched them for 130 yards

Lil Fert

Craziest game

ryan damon



Love this defense. Everyone knows their job, and can depend on one another to get the job done.

Brian Andalon Riestra

Who edits these videos. The narrator refers to Anthony Barr as Danielle Hunter in one of the plays. Come on guys. This channel seems official

Elmer Prado



0:52 that’s not D. Hunter, thats Anthony barr

Ruben Garcia

DE porn


@0:53 Barr, not Hunter


Gotta love #55 Danielle Hunter 🤷🏼‍♂️

Darcy Jo

Damn hunter fast af

Justin LaMorie

Vikings need to do this with 49ers.

RayRayy Swenn

Ya’ll did my man #55 AB wrong on that second clip. Haha. Still great video. More of the same against the niners this weekend, lads. Much love from Australia!! SKOL!!

Señor Griffin

Skol Vikings but this is bad production 😔


Anthony Barry ain’t getting no love, lol.


Hey Baldy at 0:50 you got the name wrong about the player. ITS NOT 99 Hunter , Its 55 Barr , its obviouse on this one brother , your just throwing these videos teoghter , your voice is great and your play calling can be greater at times but back to back videos your misinformation has been spotted a couple times. Keep up the great work Baldy , I ENJOY them none the less ….even other teams

R. Smith

Damn…hunter through smashed Kamara and kendricks. Lol

Jonathan Nobre

Shemar Stephan Jaleel Johnson… Those kind of guys help drawing double teams… Hunt & Grif virtually unstoppable 1on 1…

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