Baker Mayfield: We have to be the more physical team this Sunday | Player Sound – FANTASY FOOTBALL FAN SITE

Lets go Baker!

just one bite

Love Baker………but every single Browns player or coach says the same damned thing every week “we gotta….we shoulda…..we need to”. Lotta talking and little action.


My Uncle work for the Raven Organization,He said that Ravens wont be playing their starters…


    Yes they will!

Mark Butler

Baker… please can you get it together.. how about a big game.. give the media something good to say about you. Your looking like a bust right now.. I got faith in you but how about a win for the fans please

    Josh Madigan

    He has to win for himself not the fans

    Mark Butler

    Lol… yeah f*ck the fan base.. we are the reason he has a job.. no fans no nfl

    Mark Butler

    Josh Madigan but ok..


So is that bum Vernon gonna be on the sidelines again? Browns got burnt last week by a lesser running QB because they couldn’t keep him contained.

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