Avonte Maddox on Key to Beating Dallas: “Don’t Beat Ourselves” | Eagles Press Pass – FANTASY FOOTBALL FAN SITE

Y’all can beat Yourselves and Still Beat Dallas Their 🚮

    joseph reyes

    How has that worked out the last few times they played 😂😂

    joseph reyes

    @Jorge29x u guys win one championship your whole franchise history and now u wanna bring up the past lmao u eagle fans are funny 😂😂

    joseph reyes

    @Jorge29x DEMBOYZ run the east!!!

Your Average Strategy Gamer

Y’all need to step up or we have to forget about getting more WR’s in the Draft and focus on secondary.

Uriel Batres

Don’t let them beat YOU


Mills and Maddox: Please…don’t let Dak and Amari burn you. I’m sooo tired of losing to Dallas.

    yungprod 03

    Me too but im most definitely going to say dat to douglas and jones 😂🤦🏽‍♂️

    Theo A.

    Especially Darby

Daz Dealz

Man I love Scott and Ward they have made this season for me. Watching those 2 hungry Dogs is inspiring.

Chase Dyer

I hate when I like Eagles players lmao. You guys like any Cowboys players?

    Enoch Lee

    I like Dak. Seems like a nice guy.

    Caré Pot

    I hate to say it but Dak has a nice story, no one expected this much from him lol

    Dbz Lover

    I ha a lot of respect for Dak, Amari, and especially Zeke, but we still going to whoop them lol

    Tyler Horton

    boondoxkid21 yeah he definitely knows the game that’s why I respect him✊

    Wood Dro

    I like Dak Zeke and Amari. Always liked Sean Lee and I’m a die hard Eagle’s fan but Skip Bayless makes it hard to like any of them tbh


Lol… let’s just try to hold Amari Cooper under 200 yards. The plus side is Dak’s throwing shoulder is giving him problems.


the key is not to miss tackles that generate TDs…and dont interfere with teammates trying to make the tackles.

    Dbz Lover


Ray T

J DOUBLEMOVE MILLS, better show up to the game.

Emmet Fanatic 2019


Still Learnin 4332

These dude getting booed off the field early. Like 2nd drive 1st QTR early

    Cambo Rambo

    Damn right.. go birds!

Joe Weaver

Don’t beat themselves?
More like don’t get beat deep for touchdowns like they have been

Joshua Wong

Use the wide 9 formation to keep zeke and dak under control

Reluctant Yuppie

Boston Scott is a sharp, cerebral, professional young man. Love seeing young folks with that type of focus and mentality. Keep pushing kid!

Glen Draper

Just do your best .. Win or lose


Dont turn the ball over! especially on your own 25 yd line back to back processions!


What a bad year for you Maddox stop sounding like a pro bowler my friend and make a damn tackle please. Mills just have to knock some more rust off and if im Howie I’m offering him a contract right now for the cheap he’s better than you think. Howie needs to trade Clement for a 2nd or 3rd if he’s smart, Boston is way more patient, agile, faster and his vision and feet is top notch Corey runs like a chicken with it’s head cut off just like Smallwood. Howard, Sanders and Boston will do major damage next season along with Ruggs III, Lamb, Higgins, Laviska or Reagor. 😮

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