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Arthur Smith: It’s a Great Opportunity for Us

Titans offensive coordinator Arthur Smith addresses reporters Thursday at Saint Thomas Sports Park. The Titans play the Kansas City Chiefs in the AFC Championship Game Sunday (2:05 p.m., CT) at Arrowhead Stadium.

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Kent Woods


Trey Smith

Good job coach

EpicGoing Ham

Titans! 👍👍👍

Peter Carrasquillo

I hope he understands that you’re going to have to mix everything up for this game that means Tannehill’s got to throw a little more


    Look at how different the stat lines have been throughout the season, Arthur does a great job of mixing up the playcalling.

    Keep the faith! #TitanUp

Weese Bowski


Tyler Perry

Throwback to when everyone was calling for his job when Mariota couldn’t run his offense. Little did we know it was execution not the calls. I’m proud the team stuck by this man.

    L G R W

    The fact that he stayed with us despite several new coaching staff coming in shows that he knows what he’s talking bout.

James Tarbell

coach, head down and keep trucking #TitanUp

smokey j

Titanup we got this game

Johnny Bell


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