Anthony Lynn Recaps Chargers 2019 Season, “There’s no vacation for me” – FANTASY FOOTBALL FAN SITE
Tighe Avila

Come back stronger next year! Could have easily been an 11-5 v 5-11 season

    great friends

    Tighe Avila
    lol 😂 you lost back to back against two third string QB’s .

Kaleb Hull

I know this team has what it takes to be one of the best. I can’t wait for them to do better next season.

    rocky ruane

    @Cruizee 87 dude you havent beat the Chiefs in 7 years 😂😂

    great friends

    Kaleb Hull another fake Chargers fans are paid for by SPANOS

    rocky ruane

    @Cruizee 87 The Chargers have no answer at Quarterback other than a 39 year old. Good luck in the future.

ivan urias

To me You gotta convert the 6th overall pick into a late first and 2 extra second round picks. Why? The injuries. They need GOOD BACKUPS, because You lose derwin James and You suffer, You lose Hayward You got nothing, You lose Keenan You down to 1 WR. They need more good players to survive this harsh afc west

    J R

    ivan urias If only the GM would connect the dots

    James I.

    I think if an impact player is there at six you have to take him. Isaiah Simmons, the linebacker from Clemson, is too good to pass up.

    Corey Collins

    I feel you bro, do want an impact player at 6 though.

    Auron Cloud

    No one is trading a first and 2 seconds dor an early first

Lob City 2.0

Draft some O line men or a new QB and I think we can call it a good off-season

    C Bleezy

    Can Newton and top o line in draft

    Angel Diaz

    @C Bleezy Cam Newton is not as good and hasn’t played well and our O line is bad for a injury prone QB

    C Bleezy

    Cam brings tickets. The organization needs home support. Cam is still good. He can run if the pocket breaks and he has a arm. We just need to beef the line. LA culture is stars not boring players. We have to thrive in LA.

    I’m wrong but

    Coty Basa whitworth is 38 bro

    PepsKnows Best

    Lob City 2.0 give me cam newton as the new qb

Ron Silvia

We will be back next year and after this season we better come back with a pissed off attitude.

C Bleezy

I think we got a good head coach. Definitely a leader of men. Reminds me of Marty days. I would definitely love to play for hard for him if I was a player.


    I agree! I know theres a portion of us that are blaming him for this season, to me hes a 2-1. First season he took a 0-4 team to 9-7 at the cusp of a playoff birth. Last year we went 12-4 and won a playoff game. This year unfortunately not so great but I think he’s got the dog mentality to get us where we need to go. Hopefully next year we can do better!

Jake VenGraitis

Hell thing we need the most right up there w some position like our O line is new trainers lmao. Every year the injuries and special teams seem to be the death of us! Keep our stars healthy 🙏🏻


To put it simply: We struggled to score. Trusting Wiz for 4 years set us back. How many teams scored more than 30 points on us this season? Answer= 2. Hey if you know your QB isn’t mobile and is getting hit every other play…let’s start with shorter developing plays. Cover sacks all year.

Nude_boy Gaming

I love Anthony as a head coach. I really hope chargers ownership doesn’t fire him.

ann Craig


    FatDabs Only

    ann Craig oline

    Sturm Adler

    The Chargers definitely need to get something for the o-line. A great team starts with a great o-line

    ann Craig

    @Sturm Adler Facts

    Daniel Johnson

    Thank you, Thank you, Thank you! Someone who actually pay attention to the game and not just what others say. The O-Line is the biggest problem that everyone dismiss!!


Rough year everyone believed this year


12-4 with a playoff win in 2018 to 5-11 in 2019? Telesco is the main reason for this. We ALL watched the Patriots in Foxboro knock Rivers around like a piñata and Tom Telesco DID NOTHING to address the O-Line. He did very little in Free Agency and had the WORST Draft of his tenure.


    Bingo . Philip getting Clobbered all day went for 3 TD’s vs 1 INT while Brady went for 1TD and walked off looking like he Watched a tennis match . What do We do to respond ? Let Tyrell Williams walk and watch the free agent WR’s go elsewhere and roll Rivers out again with less weapons and a worse O Line then focus on His desperation INT’s . He should have taken 100 sacks instead and let Spanos sort it out .

    FatDabs Only

    damn thats true af!!!! trey pipkins, and even stick were wasted picks. not to mention all the damn injuries

    Keagan L.C.

    So glad someone else said this TT better come correct this next offseason or he needs to go period. This past offseason was one of the most frustrating things I’ve ever watched as a Charger fan.

Real Money

I love and respect this man’s leadership….


5-11 is gonna remind every man in that locker room that next year needs to be the comeback. They gonna be reminded that 5-11 cannot be repeated.

arthur douglas

“LyNn OnLy MaKeS ExCuSeS” “He HaS nO AcCoUnTaBiLITy” “HeS WoRsE ThAn McCoy.” ” MiKe McCoY 2.0″

Yall stupid. McCoy isn’t on the same level as Lynn. He was thrown in an impossible situation with this team and managed two winning season with a playoff berth. He has one bad season that started terrible with injuries to your best players offensively and defensively and holdouts by your star running back and all of a sudden “In Lynn We Trust” turned into “Fire Lynn hes not the guy.”

    George Clayton

    arthur douglas he’s the best coach we’ve had in ages


All the great teams go out of there way to protect the quarterback so they can work…… not the Chargers…… a weak, immobile offensive line, poor pickup blocks by the backs, no game time adjustments, no adjustment of the plays, way too many penalties well into the season when individual technique should have been refined. None of that Philips fault…. he just tries to make something happen in an otherwise hopeless situation.
I certainly appreciate the ball handling skill of our offensive guys, but, ……..


Keep Rivers and wait for Trevor Lawrence. Draft an O-line

Felix Reyes

Nothing but respect for coach Lynn. 💪

Gautham Ananthanarayanan

Come back powerfully strong! Do better next season! New players will be coming! Anthony Lynn is the best coach.

Cruizee 87

ANTHONY LYNN IS A GREAT HEAD COACH😤⚡️‼️ My coach just like how 17 always gon be my QB💯💯

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