Andre Patterson on His New Role: I’ve Been Prepared For This For A Long Time – FANTASY FOOTBALL FAN SITE

Andre Patterson on His New Role: I’ve Been Prepared For This For A Long Time

Andre Patterson, Minnesota Vikings Co-Defensive Coordinator/Defensive Line Coach, sat down with Paul Allen to talk about his new role on the staff and his excitement for it, finding and developing talent now at all levels of the defense and not just on the defensive line, and the recent loss of Vikings legend Chris Doleman.

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Devaris Givens

Mike zimmer, Andre and Dom capers o hell yeah Vikings all day baby lets finally #skoltothebowl

    Daniel Ramones

    A very good company


    Ahhhh I see what you did what that skoltothebowl

Mahamed Ahmed

Deserving of it for a long time as well SKOL

ryan damon

SKOL Andre 💜💜💜💛💛🏈

Miles Pearson

Vikes need to pick up a star 3 tech in the draft this year. Also, if Linval isnt going to be back then we need another piece, or maybe we only need 3 cause Dom Capers ? Who the F$%% knows man…its getting interesting.

    Theo Freier

    If we could get Kinlaw… oooooo boyyyyy

Theo Freier

Best d-line coach in the NFL. Absolutely deserved this.

Vania Henry

I love Coach Patterson!


Andre Patterson is not just a defensive coach. He cares about his players on a personal level those players love him.

Casey James

This is how to solve the Vikings Problem go Sign Marcus Mariota to back up Kirk Cousins, Keep Diggs and cut Rudolph so Irv Smith Jr can step up cut Linval or Everson and Draft a top WR and a DL then keep Rhodes and sign Josh Norman….

    dennis robison


Keith James

#skol #kirkcousins


Skol vikings

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