Analyzing the Redskins Matchup: Episode 15 | Eagles Game Plan (Week 15, 2019) – FANTASY FOOTBALL FAN SITE
TT Rumble


King kyler & Queen Ryleigh


On-Demand Mobile Truck Repair

81st lol


I feel like they should stop making these videos. Spilling all of the beans lol


    Every other team does this too

Gimme Donuts

The one guy sounds like he is tired and has a cough



Nate Dole

I love Boston Scott.

    Ali Muhammad

    Redskins pull the upset

RantChant 316

Game plan… play like trash and hopefully win

Shifty McGee462

Let’s keep ignoring what Duce Stanley has been doing for our running backs.

Jason Nelson

Peters must be feelin’ pretty good, look at the replay of the Boston Scott halfback toss. he ends up 2 or 3 yards behind where scott goes out of bounds. 1:59

Konnor Spencer

I don’t get why people hate on Carson and Doug.. they seem to know everything they’re talking about and looking for. I get that things break down and it’s hard to deal with constant injury but I don’t see how that factors into coaching and QB play. Literally every game has been so close the last 2 years we just lose on dropped passes or blown coverages in tight games. Idk I get criticism goes to coaches and QBs but they’re clearly the strong point of this team.

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