Analyzing How the 2019 Season Ended | Eagle Eye in the Sky – FANTASY FOOTBALL FAN SITE

Analyzing How the 2019 Season Ended | Eagle Eye in the Sky

Fran Duffy and Greg Cosell dive into the film to break down the Eagles' loss against the Seattle Seahawks in the Wild Card Round of the playoffs. To improve future podcasts, take this five-minute survey:

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Martin Springall

We won’t forget, Clowney…..

    Philly Mike

    Martin Springall I agree bro

CG Esports


Philly Mike

This team fought all year! MCcown played good! Wentz would scored in the RED ZONE Eagles are 3rd in NFL in RED ZONE TDs! We will bounce back next year! Big offseason coming up!! Search Philly Mike on YouTube for Eagles content 🦅

    Charles Brown

    Facts bro every body talking mess on us but we will bounce back…we got a bunch of great players coming back from injury…we will definitely bounce back bro…let these haters do them

    Philly Mike

    Charles Brown word bro I saw a lot of fight from this team! Wentz is our guy! 10 picks this draft! I been saying this on my channel all year! Even with injuries we did pretty well!

kevin delgado

Eagles have alot of hurt guys but that aint stopping us from nothing we got a defense and good offence i bet next year we wont got a problem as much this year due to injuries


The season turned out better than it could have, could have been a lot worse; that is a bright point and there is always room for improvement. This squad still holds together and that should give them a head start when otas and preseason rolls around. The amount of injuries made things more difficult for the game planning and may have played a factor early on, playing catch up the rest of the way.

Hopefully next year they can keep the squad healthy as possible get some fresh reserves to help fill the voids and peak at the right times during the games and during the year.

neil u

i know ppl worry about our secondary BUT we wont win games when offense CAN NOT score a TD every qtr and get 30pts on avg. so many games our defense held teams to 20 pts r less but our offense could not. thus, the offense needs another DJAX. one djax type player is NOT enough. especially bc djax is a older wr

    Philly Mike

    neil u your right! We had the same defenses super bowl run! When you play with a lead defense can do more rushing the passer and just play different! That’s how we need to be and d Jax will help! Gate city and I talk about that on our channels! Your right tho gotta score more!

Giovanni L Saldano III

Wentz is a liability! The hit wasn’t dirty I’m an eagles fan but wentz and ertz 160 million are u kidding me I care about winning not stats

neil u

HIRE TEBOW. id prefer a backup qb that can come in cold n run option very well bc as we all saw, a passing qb coming in cold w few reps will usually suck at passing and prob cant run but will try anyway, just wasting downs.


    neil u yea. Let’s get Cardell Jones and Kaep too. I swear. This fan base wants us to be like the Browns

    neil u

    @Enigmalake for each time McCown chose to run i BELIEVE Ward would have ran better. if i had to do it again id have played Ward at qb not mccown.

Giovanni L Saldano III

There’s Qbs in this league that when the game is on the line you just know there gonna win ! Wentz is not 1 of them

    Wood Dro

    You tripping he did it the last month tf


Hey.. I love Carson Wentz. I really do. But if he can’t be out there during the post season, what’s the point? We don’t need Sam Bradford 2.0.

    Philly Mike

    neetrab I hear you! If he got hurt any other way like tackled legally and hurt a bone Ligament or anything else I’d hear it out. It wasn’t just helmer to helmet it was helmet to helmet to the ground purposely in the back of his head! A lot of guys would of been concussed! A cheap shot shouldn’t happen if that don’t happen he plays! A illegal hit is uncontrollable! He stayed healthy all year and he will be good! We’l were 3rd in the redzone with Wentz 3 trips 0 TDS we would of won!


Please tell Doug to either draft a reliable QB, a reliable backup QB, or hurry up and develop Nate Sudfeld like I thought you were doing. Why he wasn’t active on Sunday is beyond me. He’s been here for how long and he’s not good enough to be the 2nd string, yet??? You sealed your fate when you decided to sign a 40 year old immobile quarterback instead of a more mobile backup qb (like maybe Kaepernick). You should’ve drafted Trace McSorley like I screamed for you to do, but you decide to take Clayton Thorson who’s done absolutely NOTHING in college. Then you realized your pick was the wrong choice and you found that out too late. It’s your fault, Jeffrey, Doug, Howie, scouts, etc.

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