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Let’s go Coop!!

Michael D

Coooooop! Trust me he will ball on Sunday.

    Bo Lopez

    Yeah like he balled last Sunday when we didn’t take care of business?????

    Bryant Panteah

    @Bo Lopez you’re dumb , watch the game again , how you gonna run curl routes when the corners are sitting on it ? Dumb OC and playcalling. Coop had the go ball but Dak couldn’t hit anything

    Michael Gingell

    Yeah, against the lousy redskins! Its the only team he can make a catch against!



kahlil small

Why dont tbey move him around like Michael Thomas…when watch him he always lines up on the right side…and i noticed they r constantly double teaming him

    Ali Muhammad

    Ill tell u why dallas no nothing about football that team need a football minded personel

    S .McNeal

    Garrett’s playbook is 2007

    Kenneth Harrison

    I agree another reason why this coaching staff sucks

    Brian Daniel

    Because the coaching staff doesn’t know what they’re doing

    why sway

    That’s why cole Beasley left he said to easy to stop for the defense


A lot of players and coaches final game with the Cowboys on Sunday


    Bryant Panteah cry about it

    Bryant Panteah

    @Asmodeus lol , hilarious…

    Rhythm Styx

    Thank God

    Kevin McCarthy

    Bryant Panteah it’s ok to criticize your team. The attitude that criticism is being a fair weather fan is shallow and shows evidence of blind loyalty without critical thought. The team needs a coaching and culture overhaul. With that some players will go as well. That being said I do believe in Amari Cooper and that he’s been unfairly criticized as soft when he’s played through multiple injuries all year. Dak is also a great leader.

    Rhythm Styx

    Kevin McCarthy
    It’s just another sign of how this country has. Gotten soft. Your not allowed to pass judgement on your favorite team? BS!


OK, we have a 4500 yard passer with 26 td’s and only 11 picks 97.4 rating. Fairly solid. Then we have quite possibly the best back in the game who despite missing all of camp still posts 1235 yards (1 game to go) with a solid 4.4 ypc along with 51 catches for over 400 yards with a game to go. Then, we have TWO, YES TWO 1000 yard receivers and a third receiver that should end up with 800 yards along with two TE that combined for 800 yards and you tell me that this is a 7-8 team???

Coming into last week the team had the number one offense and number 7 defense in the league. This all boils down to the GM/Owner(Jerry) and the Coach(Jason Garrett) as the players performed, but did not reach full potential because of sorry game plans, Garrett constantly abandoning the run game which destroyed the play-action pass which should be the strength of this team!!! Simple solution: pound the ball with Zeke in the first half, no matter how successful, then take shots on play-action passes and then watch the defense wear down and the game become easy as you control the clock and take the opponents heart, not to mention the talented young defense will stay fresh when you control the clock.

Basically, just take the playbook of Norv Turner or Ernie Zampese and you could take that and win with this team! I would bet the right coach could win multiple titles before Zeke wears out. I only hope Jerry fires Garrett and I truly hope he gets an old school coach that will RUN THE DAMN BALL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! It’s not rocket science when you have the talent this squad has…now we probably lose Coop but I hope he stays. What a waste of a season where we avoided major injuries for the most part and we had Super Bowl talent across the board. It was all wasted because of the boring idiot we have as a coach and the elitist pig of an owner!!!

Yeah, been a Cowboy diehard for many, many moons and could never cheer for any other team, however, Jerry has just about turned me away, starting with trying to silence the players from protesting or using their right to freedom of speech to simply allowing Garrett to waste 10 years of quality talent…yeah, wish the Jones family would sell the team and go stick their collective heads in an oil well and leave the NFL alone!!!!


    If you are a diehard cowboys fan then you know Jason doesn’t have to be fired. They just don’t have to resign him. They parted with OC scot linehan and now their offense is better and their record is worse. Be careful what you ask for.

    K Robinson


    Danny Evans RC Enthusiast Rhode Island

    Dakota is a trash time QB. I’ve lost all faith in this team and it’s regime. Clean House. WAISTED TALENT. You watch that Redskin game this weekend and pray the season ends without COACH CLAP 👏 👏 👏 👏….and the rest of the 🐀🐀🐀🐁🐁🐁 on this team….DC4L…🏈👍🏈👍

    Dana Jett

    You have too much time on your hands “FRAUD” are you employed STFU cry baby man up and watch football with a six pack this is a man’s sport not for losers, suck it up JR

Steven Pellegrino

Wow! I find that surprising. When asked can you over ride that. And say. You want to be on the field. Amari said I don’t know!!!! This whole season. Seems to me. A lot of I don’t know type answers. That’s on the coaches!!! Players that are not rookies. Should know what they can and can’t do!!! So most of the season everyone of the players. Have been guessing. What to do. Like D law said. The need guidance!!! It goes with Dak not knowing if he can change plays last few years. Amari. Telling Dak. Let change the play. And all the other mistakes they made this year. Because they didn’t get guidance!!!! Jerry said he has Garrett’s back???? That’s fun. Then why was he a lame duck. And not have a contract??? Sound like some of that good old Jerry BS talk!!

    Mr. Pop Culture


    Steven Pellegrino

    @Mr. Pop Culture This season is all on Jerry and the coaches. NOT the player!!!!! Starting with Jerry! After the Thanksgiving loss. Jerry said Jason is our guy. He can do it I know. I have his back. Said Jerry. Then why didn’t Garrett have a contract!!! Garrett had poor game planning. In the past. We always controlled the clock. This year we tried to just sling the ball all over. The first game of the year. Zeke has almost to touches. The second game. Zeke didn’t get touches til the second half. In the past. We controlled the clock. Ate up time. By running the ball. Taking time if the clock. This year. It’s throw the ball. A few runs. But it’s always 3 and out. Then the other teams do what we used to do. Control the clock! People say Moore and Richard aren’t that great. But Moore calls plays in Garrett’s system. Richard calls plays in Rod’s system under Garrett. Until it’s Moore’s and Richard’s system. Nothing is going to change!!! Every about Garrett is in Zen philosophy! Not too good not too bad. In the press conference. Don’t say too much. Just say a little. It’s all even balance. Just like 8-8. Watch Amari’s interview today. When asked. Can you over ride the call to be rotated out. Can you over ride that. And say you want to be in! Cooper said I don’t know!!!! What you don’t know? The whole season has been I don’t know answers. Rookies might not know everything. But older guys on this team Witten Lee Dak and Zeke everyone says I don’t know. You should know what you can and can’t do. It’s part of your job. But that’s on the coaches. Not telling them. If you out by rotation. And you think you can help on critical plays. Say something. Like when Cooper called out linehan last year. The players do what they are told. Dak never knew he really had any power to change plays alot. Til this year. Before he did what he was told. And all the hype of this team. Is mostly on the media. From training camp. Media said they are a Superbowl team. If you want to beat the cowboys. Pick your poison. You try to stop Zeke. We got Dak and Coop. You try to stop Dak and coop. we got Zeke. Pick your poison. We never had that poison. We had players and a placebo effect!!!! Now the media. Is like. Maybe they aren’t as good as we thought!!! The players the coaches and Jerry. Never said they are going to be a great team this year. They only said, they will try to have a Superbowl season. This team is basically the same team from last year. So what’s different? You have a HC with no contract. A OC learning on the job. Calling new plays. From old looks. You have a new QB coach. Do all these coaches really get alone? If Garrett is HC. And everything has to go through him. And he has the final say. But he has no contract. Nothing to play for! Then what. I said before the season. I don’t think Garrett wants to do this job any more. So the play the no contact thing. And he can go out. Looking 8-8. If he got a Superbowl. He might be here longer. But what if he didn’t want to be here this year? So now he can go. Looking as he just didn’t get it done! I think this HC thing was planned out. Before the season. So he doesn’t just get fired. His contract just runs out.

    J M

    Well said..and to think about a month ago jerry called garret a master coach…smh..

Snoop Brown

The smirk laugh lets you know it wasn’t true…. But hey we will never know…

kawana 808

I would love to come to a game but I’m broke

    Andy Statler

    I feel that. I live in New Jersey it’s so hard to get there without going broke, haven’t been since 2015, and my parents paid it LOL

    Danny Evans RC Enthusiast Rhode Island

    Me too. Rhode Island here. I keep saying, some day I’ll walk on that field. On the Bucket list. Damn that list gets bigger and bigger…..lmao…DC4L….🏈👍💯💪. MERRY CHRISTMAS as well….⛄🎅🎄🎍

IsReal 777

Dallas never knows how to use there weapons correctly… no adjustments or trickery… Coach Garrett????

    reginald avant


Chris Mchone

Stay tough cowboys these da. Reporters want drama stay tough fight hard it’s all u can do have each others backs


I hope Cooper stays with us.

Pop TheTrunkk

Interesting responses here

Paul Howell

Coooop ! Hope you are healthy but you are always cool and humble


Not signing this man would be the biggest mistake of the Cowboys franchise post Jason Garrett hiring


I just love hearing all these players using clappers script words, practice hard, go out and win, work hard, raa raa raa…piss poor excuse to be here at 7-8…tall gone be 7-9 come sunday…you players have no heart, urgency or desire to make plays. Nit a damn one of you.

Dead Lion

Amari “Haven’t Really Thought About It” Cooper

Rhythm Styx

Coop, I love your attitude try and play with a little more fire 🔥

Michael Gingell

He hasn’t even made a catch in like 5 games! Hes getting shut out each and every game! Cut him!

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