Allen Robinson Surprises Bears Fan w/ Super Bowl Tickets – FANTASY FOOTBALL FAN SITE
Mr. Bear


RingdAsteroid 9

Tell Robinson that I said hi

Mbords 6

Could this get pinned? I’m the biggest bears fan out there!


Wow I would’ve had such a bigger reaction then that

    Durkio Capalot

    BEARCub Fr

    Juan Garibay

    BEARCub he’s a younger dude , I don’t think he get how big the atmosphere and experience is of a super bowl but that’s still cool

    David Medrano

    He’s just a lil kid. My nephew has the exact same body language and talks the same way when I FaceTime him.


We love to see it ☺


    @AGK927 Love to see they are giving to the community. Get your fake @$$ outta here. If you’re a true bears fan you support them no matter what even when they keep making the wrong signs, drafts, and etc.

    Windy City Fan

    He’s a packer fan.


    @Windy City Fan Ahhh lol now it makes senses lol


    @AGK927 Good Luck in the super bowl this sunday!!!! ….Oh Wait.. 😂

    Windy City Fan

    Go stalk Viking fans videos or something



Football Addict

If only if Mahomes was our QB


    @OG Skywalker never gonna leave. I will never forget the summer of 2019 when you guys basically declared yourself nfc north champions. ” aw the packers will go 7-9 bears rule” go bears sb here we come” naw son

    I Can't State an opinion on the Internet

    @AGK927 Eyy Lmao the Packers fan that always bitches, enjoying the off season also I see

    Windy City Fan

    Packers just had an easy schedule. Next year we will be back and better than ever. Bears will be back on top and packers will be towards last.

Danny Walczak

Robinson is one of the only good offensive players


    Its sad that his career is being wasted on the bears


The bears are so bad

    OG Skywalker

    I mean yeah going from glennon and jay cutler the best qb we’ve had the last 10 years was jay so I mean seeing a young guy come in and not throw 4 ints in every other game was refreshing but loving him is kind of a stretch me personally I saw him as a young guy who can get better no he’s not Aaron Rogers or mahomes but he’s a guy who isn’t gonna cough up the ball left and right Mitch isn’t the only problem and you’ve stalked enough bears channels to know that just check out the tape never lies I know you’ve heard of it.

    OG Skywalker

    And no I was talking to football addict up there who dickless and has no pride to switch teams I know your a packer fan lol.

    Football Addict

    @OG Skywalker So you mean to tell me I have to be a Packers fan in order to see my team win wow, this goes to show how bear fans love being losers. How sad such a great city with fans have no pride in winning

    Windy City Fan

    Lmao we had a trash offense and our defense was injured all year long. And we still managed to win 8 games. The packers on the other hand wouldn’t win more than 7 games if their offense was that bad and if their team wasn’t healthy.


    That’s why the kid should be happy… he actually gets to see a good game.

Windy City Fan

Lets sign this beast to an extension!

Dark demon

I want to meet Allen Robinson

Justin Woller

Walter Payton man of the year

Pablo Moreno

Pure class

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