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Keep on pushing ❤️🐻⬇️


refs hoed us twice one on da punt return fumble which gave green bay 7 points n took possible points away from us n rulin Cordarrelle Patterson out of bounds which took away a chance @ a TD which would of gave us 4 more points we could have gone for two on our TD to Anthony Miller n woulda kicked a FG to tie it up instead of needin a TD if dey called both correctly we prolly win da game convincingly

    I'm Awesome

    That catch interference call was bs. Nagy knew a challenge would fail on the out of bounds. It wasn’t going to get over turned

    Brandon Freres

    Dude the refs have screwed us so damn much this year. I think football fans need to protest about the bad refs if it continues next year. I’ve never witnessed a year of nfl football with as awful of refs as we have now

    Scott Mayfield

    why didn’t Nagy challenge that Patterson catch, he looked in bounds

    I'm Awesome

    @Scott Mayfield he was out of bounds

OG Skywalker

1000 yard receiver right there way to do your job every week and give it your all unfortunately there’s a lot of bears players who lack the same mentality hopefully Arob gets a pro bowl spot him and cordarrelle are the only 2 who deserve it anyone from our defense id say no

    Brandon Freres

    Idk bout Cordarrelle…

    Jimbo da Street minista

    Brandon Freres Cordarrelle is one of the best returners in the league, Why not?

    Brandon Freres

    Well when I think about it he is good at punt team too, not just returner. But if your talking about just his return game, I think cohen did better last year, was more clutch. Maybe I’m just hard on him cuz I miss the windy city flyer

    OG Skywalker

    Dude cordarrelle gives us amazing field position and literally gives it his all every game


A-Rob better be a Bear for life! The amount of effort and production he gives, considering the rest of our inept offense, is admirable

Kucci Ku

Ima just say what Qb u think can do perfect when you have no running game n that affects the play action and Qb runs .moving forward we need a better o line, pass rusher,and secondary needsbyo watch play 60 kids on how to tackle


Tough loss, Hopefully we have Better Days in 2020. 🐻⬇

Cheron Carter

Thank you Matt Nagy that’s what happens when you get rid of Jordan Howard

    Michael Coffey

    O line is garbage not a RB in football would have sustained success on this dumpster fire O line.

    Cheron Carter

    @Michael Coffey facts

    Rosario Rodriguez

    Howard had a good Season?

    Madden Mobile Videos

    Yea before his injury

David Alvarado

We might as well just focus on next season

Benjamin button

Imagine us signing Rivers and Austin Hooper in the off season with this guy 🐻⬇️

JP Bear Down Fam!

Great game! Legendary! Go Bears! GSH!

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    Eric Mendoza

    Your comment takes the L!! Going on every video of today’s game just to copy and paste it all over. Because I know last year the Packers were hurting and you were crying your eyes out!!
    Bears don’t need Refs to win games!! Facts!! 👊💥🏈💯🐻

It is I

Again whose bright idea was it to get rid of Jordan Howard?????????

    Cheron Carter

    Matt naggy he said he was looking for a running back who can catch I thought that was the wide receiver job I just don’t get it

It is I

Personally Prince is slow as hell.. he gets burned a lot!!

    Cheron Carter

    He’s playing hurt

Michael Coffey

Hope he goes to the pro bowl as he is the ONLY player on O that deserves it. Hope we sign him to another 4 or 5 year deal and can also help mentor Wims and Ridley

Harry Michalak

He was the only bright spot on our offense for 90% of the year now it’s over u gotta feel for him

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