Allen Lazard: ‘We’re just trying to win every single week’ – FANTASY FOOTBALL FAN SITE
Matrix Jackson

Go Pack Go!

John Wilson


N8 Doggy

They better not let KC get OBJ, if so then this team is for sure done


    Yup or even the bills might get him but we really should get OBJ

Jim Woday

allens literally been our only shining light on offense through 6 weeks. dudes playing great

    Cameron Likes football 🏈

    Kinda not really yard wise tds tho

    Tyler Baker

    @Cameron Likes football 🏈 great red zone option clearly right but, a rod needs to throw the ball better imo. Especially that annoying highlight with Sauce Gardener winning a rep on him. That ball was lead short af


5 catches 61 yards TD catch


Packers win 24-12

Ryan Jaeger

Just win a game first I’d say


use this man like kupp what are we doing he meeds to be responsible for moving the chains

AZ Atheist

try harder.


They are not super positive 🙄

Absolute Death

#13 💪🧀

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