ALL BUCCANEERS SACKS IN 2019 ft. Sack King Shaq

Watch every single sack from the Tampa Bay Buccaneers (including Shaq Barrett's 19.5) from the 2019 season.

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TSM Moiz


    Tampa Bay Buccaneers


Orlando Prado


Salvador Mandujano

Just get some better corners and we could have the #1 defense again


    Salvador Mandujano Secondary showed promise towards the end of the season. We also will get Justin Evans back too. I say we get a new OT or 2 and we might be able to make the playoffs

    Da Chief

    Na our young cb’s started to show they can ball i like the growth they showed towards the end

    K1NG D3F4ULT

    If Winston halfs his ints or we get a new productive qb that doesn’t turn it over NFC playoffs are in the picture Vikings are alright eagles or cowboys could get in dont for get about 49ers hawks pretty intriguing but we’ll have a chance very sokn

    Zona Zooted

    Secondary is still young. Next year is gonna be crazy if we keep this defense

Ian Burke

Sacks galore. We’ll be back next season for more like this

Zona Zooted

Sack Barrett!!!!


We need an o line and I don’t think we’re re signing suh
So a replacement possibly

    Austin Williams

    Tough request when on our O-Line we need Tackles and you can’t find a stud Tackle in the later rounds of the draft. Also can’t just simply replace Suh… It’s gonna be interesting how they approach the team.

    Mark eatinnGuud

    @Austin Williams anybody can replaced I promise u it’s happened year after year

Liam Mitchell

Most sacks Bucs have had in a regular season since 2000

Ralph Martinez

What could have been if only Winston throws half those picks we are making a playoff run 😪

Brick Animations

Shaq Barret says “pro bowl here I come.mike Evans says “I will play(inside he’s in so much Pain).chris Godwin says”duh I’m totally playing if it’s not the last game I play(walks away and then screams owwww)But there all like getting payed 82 million dollars🤑🤑😦😦.

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