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All Access: Jackson’s Contract Extension

Hosts Jeff Joniak, Tom Thayer, and Jim Miller talk about Eddie Jackson's contract extension and the upcoming off-season on Bears All Access.

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James T


I Can't State an opinion on the Internet


Mütze KaPunkt

eddie jackson new contract ? no-brainer. deserved it.🐻⬇️

Football Addict

If Mack didn’t sign that fat deal with the team we could have got a better QB but no


    Let’s go for Cam, might as well at this point.

    Football Addict

    @Cortez As long as we have someone better than Trubisky


    @Football Addict Maybe if Trubisky had a coach or an o-line he’d have more production….
    And Mariota is not better than Trubisky.

    J Dolo

    @Godlikelobster01 no he gay. Dont need no drama

    J Dolo

    @Football Addict nobody better than mitch. They have to learn playbook. Its on HC/play caller and OL

Kurtis Colbert

Good move Pace! Now get rid of Massie and Leno and get younger up front

    Scruffy Longducking

    I don’t think we’ll get rid of either Leno or Massie because they are in years 1 or 2 of 4 year deals that are front-loaded against the cap. The right move to make is to actually allow Bars, Coward (a better RT than RG fit imo) & a newly drafted OL in round 2 to threaten job security & get the most out of Leno & Massie. Leno went soft this year because he got paid & he knew Nagy never threatened to bench him.


Sign Paterson next.

    J Dolo

    Arob deserves contract before him.


Keep paterson and make him your running back. He gets hot when hes on the skillet….

    Crit Hitz

    immasoxfanbaby nah Montgomery is actually really good but we need a better o line for holes but I think that Patterson is better as wr


    @Crit Hitz in newengland Patterson ran the ball alot, plus ran routes. Dual position player. But Montgomery needs help, cohen didnt do too much running the ball, hes better on the wing getting his sauce.

Hr Meowingtons

we need a Quarterback

    J Dolo

    Yeah…a bkup you son of a Mitch .

Kenzie and Amyrah Gorgeous

Damn Jim Miller a Lamar Jackson hater too .. disappointing 😔


Making moves to make us Better GO BEARS!!! 🏈 🐻

Phillip Williams

We need an younger more hungry nasty oline

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