Alexander Mattison 2019 Season Highlights | Minnesota Vikings – FANTASY FOOTBALL FAN SITE
Duolingo Bird

This guy is a future starter in the league.

Iose Aunese

I love him plsy

Keith James

This rookie didn’t get nearly enough love this past season but that is neither here nor there.
All I care about is my baby Kirk.


what an absolute stud. he’d be RB1 on at least a few teams. (don’t get any ideas though… please)

Panda Ruby

What a great guy deserves to be on a great team


    I know you’re probably talking about starting on a team but he already is on a great team


Keep it up young buck, it’s just the beginning!!! Skol!!


This dude is sweet! Felt like an AP/Chester Taylor combo.

Gary Oak

Cook is arguably the best in the league and Mattison is easily top ten. Unfortunately one of them is going to be gone sooner rather than later. Hopefully they can find a way to keep them both happy and on the roster.

Ken Tinman

I realy like this kid.

truth explorer

Wow! Bam Bam at his best and can you imagine what the Vikings could do with a better blocking front four?!

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