Alex Okafor Mic’d Up vs. Patriots ‘Big Boy Drive’ | Kansas City Chiefs – FANTASY FOOTBALL FAN SITE
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Carlos Ruiz

We got some dogs on that D 😏😈

    Terrell Otto


Micah Hayes

I like the hussle and the sack. Still confused on wtf his sack celebration is.

    steve wilper

    Shotgunin a beer then stomping on it

    Salazar Payne

    @steve wilper that’s a pretty awesome celebration.

    Javier Serrano

    That celebration is fireeeeee


    and here i was thinking he was opening a coconut! LoL! i really did!

    Tanner Matlock

    @thunderdude XD

Salazar Payne

Man that game felt good


    it still does! :0)


hell yeah! we beat them cheatin’ fools! LoL!

Theo Lee

Oaktree okafor 👍

Hunter Cleveland

“This why we came here.” 🟡🔴🟡🔴

    dugsbunny og

    That made me so happy


Oka4. Yeaaaaa boiiii

Ricardo Burton

I’m lovin Okafors intensity when he rushes into the back field!!! I’m still high on enthusiasm about Mahomeboi and that nasty D line, Backer and secondary core showing up in Foxborough and doing what they couldn’t be done, show Brady and his minions that the AFC no longer belongs to them!! Now they gotta keep on rollin and believing that they are the most dangerous overall team, I can’t wait to see them turn it up even more in the playoffs!! Needed this one!!

Cool Breeze



Okafor is a dog. Hope he can stay healthy the rest of the way.

John Brown


samson gersing

I love our Defense again. I want all of you guys jersey!

Justin Lashua

Okafor has quietly become a beast in the pass rush. Sneaky beast!! Loving it D line is getting pressure a hair quicker and the secondary is covering better. Match made in heaven!!!!

Izaya Orihara

As a Chiefs fan, I’m so proud of what this defense has become over these past few weeks.

Maybe not this year, but I expect a Lombardi in the near future.

    Kurt Becker

    absolutely. good guys who continue to work. and by the way: Chiefs fans, first Kevin, now Mitch. Don’t know that there are BETTER play-by-play announcers anywhere!

Ozark Ed

I like the way Brady ended that game, on his back after not even being hit. Flinching just a little there TB?

Quintin VanBooven

It’s nice as a Chiefs fan to finally see us become a well-rounded team. Since I’ve really been watching it’s either great defense with little offense or great offense and no defense. So to see everything coming together really gives me hope for a ring in the next 5 years.

Jaxon Smith

If our D plays with this same effort, physicality, intensity and attitude the rest of the way out we just might win the whole damn thing

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