Alec Ingold Knew He Wanted to Be a Raider & Play for Coach Gruden – FANTASY FOOTBALL FAN SITE

Alec Ingold Knew He Wanted to Be a Raider & Play for Coach Gruden

Fullback Alec Ingold discusses his journey to the NFL, his family, Head Coach Jon Gruden, the fullback position, and more.

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Amir Montane

Great draft


    Amir Montane He was Undrafted

Jacques Ingram

Raiders have a good young core of players

Lynne Moss

love this man!! awesome player and amazing character.


    And a Straight BEAST in the Hole!

Mona U

Him and Jacobs work well together and I’m excited to see what’s in the future for both of em.

Troy Butcher

It’s good when you have a solid draft from top to bottom. Those guys bond and that makes your team so much stronger in the future. When we drafted (R1P5)K. Mack, (R2P36)D. Carr (R3P81)G.Jackson that’s what started our turn around having a draft like that. But we traded Mack but he atleast gave us 2 1rst in draft capital. Although I think we should got more then that bc we gave them our 2nd rd pick we got their 3rd. Mack is ranked the 2nd best player in the NFL. We should have got 3 1rst or atleast 2 1rsts and their 2nd not give them ours!

Sean Athletics & Raider Nation

Best draft class 2019


    Sean Athletics & Raider Nation Ingold went Undrafted

    Sean Athletics & Raider Nation

    @27RAIDERMAN really hahaha I’m just talking about rookies in general my goodness. Hope this pleases you. Great rookie class is that better. I know he was undrafted. Smh


This young man gets me so fired up when I watch him play. Our backfield is something to be proud of ladies and gents.

Bruh Moment

Snubbed for the pro bowl

bob dobleena

Much better than k. Smith.


The Wisconsin Hammer!


State Player of the Year in High School at QB and wasn’t offered by Wisconsin until later on as a fullback. Didn’t even play much until his senior year at Wisconsin. Perfect Gruden Grinder.


Best lead blocker I’ve seen in years. Alec and Josh will be a great pair for years

Jack Tate

The Raiders have had some great fullbacks throughout their history.

eph elle

Keep the back up plan, cuz you know Gruden…he’ll cut you if he dont like you

Viran Victus

Love watching this guy and love seeing this position make a return.

Oakland Native

best fb we had since jon ritchie!

RukzyThoughts l

Awesome player and awesome person

Rod A

Alec, RaiderNation is glad you’re a Raider!!! RN4L!!!!

Henry Real

You deserve a lot more credit man! Great FB!!!

Josue Solis

Some drunk guy accidentally hit the dislike button smh

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