AFC South Matchup: Tennessee Titans vs. Houston Texans preview | Extra Points – FANTASY FOOTBALL FAN SITE
PuRe_XxX ?

I love the Texans

Manuel J.

Good luck Texans 🏈, good luck Titans 🏉, oooh! my God; there is only one winner 🏆

Deandre Ray

Titans > Texans!

    HTX 713

    As in a overall better team you may be right but what makes the Texans just as good or probably better is Watson’s greatness good luck Sunday

    Deandre Ray

    HTX 713 I couldn’t agree more bro it will be a fist fight I’m a titan fan but fan of Watson he is great

    George Harry

    HTX 713 watson is a bust

    HTX 713

    @George Harry Your obviously a hater and if thats the case your comments about Watson carries no weight cuz fangirls like you (no disrespect) tend to speak off emotions rather then facts

David Jauregui

Texans > Titans!

AJ Savage



Titans gonna tear you guys apart. TITAN UP

    Damian Avalos

    Don’t think so . Texans gunna lit up on Sunday

Terran Wilder

I just wish this talented team had a better coaching staff and front office. Bill O’Brien’s inconsistency is ruining Deshaun Watson talent. This team is too talented for them to be inconsistent.

Damian Avalos

Texans let’s get this W

Damian Avalos



We have no consistency

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