AFC Championship Game Preview with Yahoo Sports’ Terez Paylor | Chiefs vs. Titans – FANTASY FOOTBALL FAN SITE
Super Crazy kid

Go chiefs

Wolfez Zap

Chiefs for life


Gang tackle and tackle low!


Chiefs 42 Titans 24, SB: Chiefs 38 Packers 30… screw the 49ers….

    Shawns a Virgin

    @Big Bear Merriott as long as we score a td everydrive and leave them to field goals we will win but lets see what happens

    Zig Zac

    Love the predictions. Rack him!

    Coffee Break

    I agree with you JJ !! Chiefs !!!!!!


    Plus the. Chiefs game is below 20 degrees

Terry McBride

Best way to deal with Derrick Henry is Take advantage of every opportunity, Secure the ball,No Bonehead Penalties and No Drops!

    Justin Duncan

    yep just like week 10 right lol


    Justin Duncan What do you mean? We were down 5+ players with a QB playing fresh off a knee injury and still nursing an ankle sprain. Chiefs are healthy this time. Not the same team.

    Justin Duncan

    who were u missing that is relavent … an watch the highlights of mahomes hopping around joking lol i do like that kid just not this week lol

    Terry McBride

    @Justin Duncan Eric Fisher,Laurent Tardiff,Both Starting O-linemen

    Justin Duncan

    @Terry McBride ok i see u a super fan alwell best of luck hopefully that is the key for yall lol may the best not pat team rep the afc in the superbowl lol

Jaycee Patterson


Rashad Holmes

Chiefs going to win and I’m a Pats fan

    Rashad Holmes

    @hinata w right

    Tennessee Titans

    He just salty bc patriots got fooked up by us

    Rashad Holmes

    @Tennessee Titans ewww titans trash without Henry y’all whole team trash I’m laugh when y’all lose

    Tennessee Titans

    Rashad Holmes lol y’all filmed our practice and still couldn’t beat us so what does that make your team

    Rashad Holmes

    @Tennessee Titans atleast we got 6 rings how many y’all got lol

Crimson Dawn

KC with swagger!


Chiefs are going all the way this year!


#CHIEFSKINGDOM go beat The titans, go to Super Bowl 54 in Miami, and beat the 49ers/packers, we hail victory

Michael Gardner

Mahomes, Reid, Suggs and co are leaders of men. Let’s get it.

    Drake Aamold

    God is good!!!!!!!

Slinky a proud nerd

Chiefs will be victorious. Tackle Henry low and pressure Tanehill all game. GO CHIEFS!

    Justin Duncan

    so blitz everyplay and pray …. this man is a beast ur season will end in your house on sunday watch

    pounder forgot

    Justin Duncan it’s all talk wait for Sunday I’m just saying that

    pounder forgot

    Justin Duncan why are you Titan fans so cocky 🤣

    Justin Duncan

    pounder forgot we are not cocky we have been quite for almost 10 just like chiefs fans ive been with the titans since …… period i was in sixth grade in the music city miracle …. that was 20 years ago have u seen this titans team in the second half of the year…. bullies ….. yes we kicked yhe principle (tb12) out of school and the prom king (lamar jackson) now we are coming for everyone favorite teacher (addy i fail in the fourth quarter reid ) k.c defense is sloppy undisiplined everything yhe titans defense is not this is 20 years of watching everybody else make a run and realising it is our time finally and sunday will be a fun day for me

    pounder forgot

    Justin Duncan it will always be a fun day for me to haha! Anyways all talk 😴 wait till Sunday

Xavier Trevino

We got it let’s get this bowl the best quarterback to do I know own he going to be a great when it all done he will be the goat I know it we can do it let’s go cheifs

samson gersing

Go CHIEFS Kingdom–>baby, I hope,& believe that chiefs D is tired of being referred to last year. Revamp

Royal Lion

We have more to lose than the Titans. We will win ChiefsKingdom❗️


Heck yeah! Love to see you back in KC, Terez! We miss you!

Sean Hettenbach

I’m looking forward to Frank Clark orchestrating the tomahawk again on Sunday. That was beautiful on Sunday.


Just catch the passes. That’s all. They can’t keep us under 40. Henry can’t win the game for them on his own.

Gavriel Hertel

Chiefs 35 Titans 13
Go Chiefs!

King EZ

Chiefs Kingdom let’s become legendary! Chop Em’ Up!

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