Adrian Amos is a game-changer | Packers Daily – FANTASY FOOTBALL FAN SITE

Adrian Amos is a game-changer | Packers Daily

Mike Spofford takes a look at Adrian Amos’ impact and the significance behind the team’s 10th win in this edition of Packers Daily.

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aaron berhane

He’s a beast in madden too I love Amos

Adrien Estrada

Go pack go


See what happens when we’re actually aggressive in free agency???

    777d7777 777d7777

    You a packers or ravens fan?


    @777d7777 777d7777 Packers. I lost a bet that involved changing every social media profile picture into something Ravens related.

Epic Lad

Yet somehow the defense is still garbage


    @Scott Mayfield It’s the linebackers that are bad in coverage. It’s not Jaire. Jaire had maybe two bad games.

    Scott Mayfield

    @PackManJake Kevin is a corner and was destroyed by TE George Kittle for a long TD I the Niners game, Kevin King is a corner not a LB, and Kittle made him look silly

    Dylan O

    13th in the league in PPG allowed. That’s all that matters in the end.

Maria Mendez

He’s a turncoat

To Flank

One game at a time.
Pick your fights.
No one is superman.

Line discipline ALL DAY.

Dos ✌.


Last time I heard his name before the redskins game was week 1


AA had a great game against Washington, but Z has been the game changer this season

777d7777 777d7777

Go Pack Go!!!!


Aaron looked less that enthusiastic for the D-Train chant at the end!!! Wow!!!! What a leader of men!

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