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Mason Dixit


Extreme Mike


Jackson Krizen

I hope that we don’t trade JPP, Shaq Attack, or Suh.

    Goomsquadnation 420

    They fa can’t trade them lol

B Loggins

the top priority has to be re-signing the big 3 on defense(shaq, JPP, suh) then i would think the next 2 positions addressed would be QB and RB



Eli Taylor

Keep winston. Too talented

    Eli Taylor

    @The RightStuff yes, but did those starters also throw 5000 yards and 33 touchdowns?


    If he stop his int Winston and Bucs be playoffs contenders ever year

    The RightStuff

    How many years are you going to cross your fingers and hope he will change … this is what , his 6th year?!? … you people don’t understand interceptions translate directly into losses.


    The RightStuff or how many years are we going to chance out a qb… let me ask you this, when was the last time we actually had a good qb??

    whitesworld 23

    @The RightStuff A lot of those pics didnt even translate to points. Its a team sport, there’s an offense, defense and special teams. We missed crucial kicks, and allowed a ton of points. We need a balanced run game. The play calling required us to throw more than we should have. Teams knew we would be passing all year. Leftwich was on and off with the play callung and so was Bruce. This is a brand new scheme. Learning an offense isn’t easy. Just imagine how many yards/TDs JW wouldve have had with less picks.

Black Light Yagami V2

Winston gotta comeback. No can’t find 5100 yards is no fluke but 30 int most definitely is.

    The RightStuff

    Fluke? the year before (2018) JW had the 3rd worst int% (with the worst being Fitz)

    Black Light Yagami V2

    The RightStuff 30 int is a fluke no matter how you look at it. You can try to move the goal post to % and . all you want.

    The RightStuff

    @Black Light Yagami V2
    dude, two consecutive seasons with high/ the highest int numbers is not a fluke…stop spinning

    Black Light Yagami V2

    The RightStuff 30 int is a fluke keep spinning


jameis is full of garbage time stats


    We were in pretty much every game. In fact, Bucs have the fifth highest one score TOP in the NFL. So your statement makes no sense. KC, BAL, NE and SEA were only better.


    @bowlchamps37 We were in every game until Jameis threw a critical game losing turnover or turnovers.

    Craig The Meme God

    Tom you got no stats to back this trash analysis up


Most Bucs move ever to get rid of top caliber QB just before hitting his prime smh

    Eli Knight

    BrutalAsBucs bih wat 🤣🤣🤣

Joseph Arce

Grant delpit S LSU

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