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Trio Shots

The jets beat win of the year!

    Herd Radio

    Cowboys win was better

    Trio Shots

    Those games were both great but it is hard to pick which game because they played out almost the same


    Nah raiders we 34 3 dem

    JETS Talk

    Cowboys win

    Trio Shots

    All good picks , we need an answer from the coach, Adam Gase.

The Night Show With David Mooradian

Now don’t go losing to the Bills backups let’s go 7-9 so my preseason prediction was right


Jets score TD on opening drive and can’t find the end zone again. 🤨 

Fantastic job by Gregg Williams and the defense, and Brant Boyer’s special teams. They have been “holding it down” all season. 👏👏👏


    blacksnakemagic the jets won 6 games and they offense played extremely well in 4 of those lol.


    @SKRT SKRT Offense and play-calling is TRASH, 🤮and the weak link on the team. But keep drinking that green cool-aid! lol


    blacksnakemagic ok lol

    The Herd Live

    When are jets fans gonna finally admit Darnold is not the next Peyton Manning or even the next JAY CUTLER. He needs everything to go perfect to win just like Dak Prescott


Go Jets !! Beat buffalo to end season on a winning note.

Cadillac Williams

Just fire this guy already. We don’t want to be stuck in a 5-8 win holding pattern for 3-4 years like Miami was. He needs to go.


    100% this ^ my non cool-aid drinking friend. 👍 🙏

Bill McCue

Lets go up to Buffalo and kick their asses. 7-9 would be a marked improvement over 2018s 4-12 campaign. Also Jets fans need to stop being crybabies and start coming to the games. The Steelers game, the Raiders and Cowboys games were practically road games and we won all those games.

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