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Abrupt Ending to 2019 Season | Packers Unscripted

Mike and Wes recap the Packers’ loss in the NFC title game, beginning with the inability to stop the run on defense and the turnovers on offense (2:33). They also discuss QB Aaron Rodgers’ forward-thinking comments after the game (9:09) and the closeness of Green Bay’s locker room throughout the season (11:42).

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Erick H

The bottom line successful Season rookie head coach second-year GM we’re ahead of the Curve

Mark Zink

Need to learn how to tackle and throw the ball

Nub Mstr

Need to beef up that line. Lancaster and Lowry are not the answer.

    El34 Glow

    Agree. That. Another WR with speed. And a faster ilb

    Erick H

    The two guys you just mentioned Lancaster Lowry they’re from Northwestern need I say more middle linebacker upgrade a must Ray Nitschke must be turning in his grave but I think GM can fix this they do communicate now

    Eric S

    Ya montravious adams and rashan gary where they at?

    John Portabella

    Excatly nub

M z

Rashan Gary and Oren Burks didnt provide any help this year…Bye bye Burks, Alex Light, and Martinez.


    Unfortunately Burks is not going anywhere . He lead the team in special teams tackles and with Blake leaving the PAckers will want bodies at MLB for camp .


I’m a Niners fan and I enjoy you guys! Keep it up

    kokokokokoko quinto

    Really ? you could have just said you enjoy the content and no body would have cared . Did you seriously have to bring up the fact that you’re a 49ers fan ? Like seriously?

    William Kats III

    kokokokokoko quinto Don’t understand why you’re offended lol

    Maurice Davis

    kokokokokoko quinto i feel you smh..

    Thomas Mitchell

    kokokokokoko quinto why so butthurt about him stating who he likes?

M z

Look at what Nick Bosa did for the 49ers…Look at what Metcaf did for the Seahawks…Packers got nothing out of 1st Round Pick Rashan Gary

    Jack Campbell

    Savage was a great pick though.


    Gary is the future Smith .. If Gary was a failure for Green Bay than Z Smith was a failure pick for Baltimore because they had the same rookies seasons . There were no Nick Bosa pass rushers left on the board at #12 . Bosa is a freak who got picked at the top for a reason . Gary is a pick that will pay off in 2 years . We had 2 of them last draft so let Gute do his thing . Gute knows what he is doing and he is building a winner not for 2019 but one that will last for 10 years or more . Stop with the Gary hate . I was one of them after the draft and I got over it . So should you ! What Gute got was a 260 LB that can run like Z Smith ! His time is not now but in future seasons and I have faith in Gute and his vision for this team moving forward ! You should too !

bruce krueger

To win. Its nothing but discipline and total commitment, green bay failed that consistently, that is what sanfran put together , it brings wins

Christina Ramirez

So sad to see the season end with this game like that but I’m still proud of Aaron and the Packers. They had a great season regardless. 💯

RK Belmont

Packers defense is physicalle unable to stop run blocker like the 49ers have. The Smiths are great against QB, but useless when the QB only needs to throw 8 passes because the running game can’t be stopped. It is not just scheme, it’s physicality. Even the 49ers receivers were owning those blocks and opening huge running lanes for Mostert.

Rick Morrow

The Packer Flag is at half mast. The Packer Train will return in August 2020.

Lee Joseph

Great season. Now the 7 month wait begins to be able to watch football again xD


Great show! I’ve enjoyed listening all season.

    James Barlow

    Tweedledum and Tweedledummer lol


We need some serious help in the trenches Oline and DLine and a fast ILB a TE a Receiver and we will be golden.

El34 Glow

Great show. Proud of my Packers. And yes the window is open. These guys asking for Rodgers to retire are delusional. Never thought I’d see GB fans act like that.

That being said we need to make some moves. And it has to be done asap and correctly. Sure up the Dline. Need to add a faster ILB. Need a legit WR opposite Adams. And we possibly need a new defensive coach imo. But we’re close. People don’t understand how close that is.

    James Barlow

    They can start by trading Rogers for Taysom Hill

Anti Afro Svengalis

Rodgers treats too many people like shyt. He had it coming. KARMA!!!

Mark Wheeler

If only. The Seahawks came within a foot of beating the 49ers, which would have given the Packers the #1 seed, so yesterday’s game would have been played in Green Bay, where MAYBE they could have beaten the 49ers. Maybe.

kevin texter

18 points away from the super bowl in a rebuild year. Yeah I’m happy

John Portabella

Coaching can be alot better next year point blank period this team was very inconsistent and lacked mental focus pettine can go.

Robert Baker

I’m very proud of the Packers. Great season for new coach.

Isidro Medina

Packers need better and super defense the smith brothers need a lot of help better players and adams Lazard and jimmy gram also need a lot of help new receivers better

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