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Aaron Rodgers talks playoffs & Bears rivalry

Packers QB Aaron Rodgers told the media that finding consistency on offense will be determining factor for making a deep run in the postseason.

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Kiasia Johnson

Goat 🐐

Jermy Brady

Honestly everyone’s concern I feel like Aaron is just waiting to pull out his magic for the playoffs he doesn’t need to over scramble to get injured he just waiting for this 1st round bye and home game vs the saints most likely
In snow from there 3 wins and he’s got number 2 Also haven’t seen a trick play all year so I think Matt’s holding a few wrinkles hidden away for big moments

    Ask About Socialism/ Ask About Inequality

    @Justin Harmon you are wrong unfortunately. Not every game calls for all of your plays, a silly way to think. If that were the case the Eagles would have called the Philly special before the Superbowl

    Justin Harmon

    @Ask About Socialism/ Ask About Inequality yea whatever

    Zandrew Gaming

    I agree, it’s clear this season he hasn’t been scrambling and extending plays as much. I expect him to move around more now that the playoffs are almost here, staying healthy unlike in past playoff runs we have had

Cameron Murphy

Aaron Rodgers is the best qb ever his Hail Marys are awesome you are the best Rodgers

    Jim Garner

    I agree about the Hail Mary passes, i saw all three of those games, incredible!!. No disrespect to Tom Brady, but that’s one of the only things he CAN”T do, he never had the arm strength Rodgers has.

Kyrie Irving

Most talented qb ever

    Aden Giuffrida

    Kyrie Irving *best

Antonio Cabrera

As a packers fan RELAX everyone we can RUN THE TABLE, new coach that has us at 10-3 we can do this go pack go.

    Jim Garner

    They’re a heck of a alot better than they’ve been the last 2 years, i’ll tell you that much.

Kaden Tran

“Color and thickness. You like that huh, Johnny”
-Aaron Rodgers 2K19

    Richard Welsch III

    This man is truly the 🐐🐐

    aaron berhane

    Kaden Tran Rodgers always has me laughing 😂😂

    Levi LaBuda gam!ng


Sarah Pfarr

Go💚pack🏈go💛 , we got these , DA BEARS are going down this Sunday

    Jon Marsh

    if youre not a bear fan. especially if youre a packer fan….you DO NOT say “the bears” that way. HOW DARE YOU!

    Sarah Pfarr

    @Jon Marsh my brother inlaw is a bears fan & i have been talking to him like that for along time now he doesn’t care . Because he doesn’t like the Packers like i do , go💛pack🏈go💚

Fball stuff

Man I hope he sticks around for longer than a couple of years

    Thomas Pick

    Fball stuff I am feeling this might be Aaron’s last year. For many reasons. Enjoy him while he is still here. There has never been a man who handles the press like Aaron. Consider head coaches, GMs, owners, other qb’s, other players. Aaron gives the most intelligent and sensitive answers. He tries to be careful not to hurt other people’s feelings. A team sport, he never blames other players for making mistakes. Aaron could have won more Super Bowls, but some players made errors. Not due to lack of effort, but rather, technical ability and understanding the situation and assignment. If Aaron had blamed others, his team mates would not want to play with him. Once he is retired, he will be greatly missed.

    Isaac Stogner

    Same bro

    River W

    Thomas Pick his last year😂😂 he’s 36

Jon Marsh

same questions every year. same answers every year.

Hector Gomez

We going to show the world that the packers are playoff ready 35 to 14

Matthee Williams

I really hope that the GOAT Aron Rodgers makes an appearance sometime soon to make a late season post season run. Idk who this #12 is that has been running the show so far but hes not the one I’m use to seeing.

Richard Welsch III

It’s so refreshing to see him having fun again and goofing around


If we can jar jar binks out way to a SB Victory, I’m all for it lol

Luie V

We gone shock the world go pack go

    Dustin Gamboa

    I hope so

Dan Marino



I’m so glad he got asked that light hearted question at the end. All of the questions about the offense get so redundant

Ethereal Punishment

People continue to underestimate 12. He’s still a top QB. The man is a machine and I expect him to play great on Sunday. Eliminating the Bears from the playoffs in Lambeau will be sweet.


As he gets more reps in the offense, and Guty starts drafting receivers again, well this team will dominate


As rivals, I respect him for the respect he has for us Bears. We had our hiccups this season, but he knows not to take this rival game lightly. Let the better team win this weekend.

Rock Hauler

Gonna get sacked like some French fried taters 🍟

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