Aaron Rodgers on fewer TD passes: ‘This year we’ve done it a different way’ – FANTASY FOOTBALL FAN SITE

Aaron is the G.O.A.T

    Daniel Keyser

    Highest ever QBR. The best TD to INT ratio BY FAR. Can’t argue with that sir


    He isn’t the goat. Rings matter in that stat. Top 5 yes, best to ever play, better talk to Montana about that.

    James Hendricks

    @SexiMexi teams wins superbowls not players

Johnny Ho

Only bust is Jimmy Graham, dude isn’t how he was when he was in Seattle. Waste of $30 million.


    @aaron berhane I think he should get more targets in the passing game but his film shows he has trouble creating separation worse than most . I really think there is no answer till Sternberger gets a full offseason though I think getting him some plays each week could pay off big for this team if they wanted it to . Sternberger is a untapped superstar TE . He was a beast at Texas A&M . A real big play TE that needs to be more involved in this offense . Tonyan is a decent #2 TE but he will never be a game changer like Sternberger could be .
    The 2020 draft class is terrible at TE so the answer to fixing the TE spot has to be Sternberger’s development and insertion into this offense at some point . Detroit would be a perfect time to give Sternberger some real work and get him primed for the playoff run . either way i love this team ! Go Packers !

    Dylan .M

    So true. Get rid of him

Isaac Martinez

Greenbay vs san Francisco championship gm

    Isaac Martinez

    @Doug K. We can beat em if gb doesn’t turn the ball over and make Jimmy g beat us.

    Glo Gang Promoter

    Isaac Martinez I’m not worried about Jimmy it’s that defense they got

    Isaac Martinez

    @Glo Gang Promoter they do have a scary de but if we play gb football we will be hard to beat.

    Doug K.

    Two of GB loses came at the hands of the Bosa brothers. The other lose came when their cousin Jake Kumerow didn’t play against the Eagles. Weird.

    Isaac Martinez

    @Doug K.Gb needs that first round bye if we get it everyone has to come to gb to play in that 13 degree weather, it will be hard for the saints to play out doors but san fran will be the test tho.

Tyki Mikk804

Communication on both sides of the ball is how we make it to the super bowl.

Friend of Jesus


rinku singh

GO PACK GO! Get another win and go first round by




Go pack! Let’s beat these lions and secure a 1st round bye!

Billy Barrett


    big chungo

    @Carlos Matos he has had an mvp season in 2014

    Carlos Matos

    @big chungo this season, no.



    Billy Barrett

    @SexiMexi SexyMexi*


I feel like the number of TD passes league wide have dropped from last season in general. Also helps that the Packers have 19 rushing touchdowns (If I counted correctly)

    Carlos Matos

    Yeah passing TD’s are down quite a bit from last year. It’s been a passing league for so long I guess it makes sense to change things up a bit and let the RBs do their thing especially in the red zone.

    David DeMeuse

    That’s the difference, change those rushing touchdowns to passing and what’s Aaron’s number?? He never really had a great running game, and McCarthy always wanted to be aggressive passing the football.

    Ask About Socialism/ Ask About Inequality

    Defenses are developing better schemes to throttle high volume offenses. The next evolution in this is what we see in Baltimore or other all 11 blocking schemes like our team that target team scheme mismatches as opposed to individual star players

Tony Skyline

This team has the makeup to go all the way but their will be a playoff game or 2 where Aaron and the wrs will have to step up to score more points than the opposing team. Love this run game and the defense. Lets get all aspects clicking for this final run!

    Robby King

    Tony Skyline no way we can go all the way this season was total luck I been a packers fan for life and I think we’re probably gonna go out first round in the playoffs


    Tony Skyline – do you remember the 49ers game this year?

Fernando Perez

My Quarterback!!!

    Tony Chavez

    No my Quarterback!! Aaron Rodgers was born and raised in chico Ca. My hometown is paradise Ca. which is 8 miles away. Aaron Always represents his hometown and his Butte county roots. I’ve been a packers fan since 96′. Packer faithful. Go pack go!!

destined 4xcelince

The Packers were VERY predictable with Mike… They NEEDED to switch up to stay off the “obvious” radar… Plus they’re moving together. 1-0 to the bowl

    Robert Obst

    destined 4xcelince *through the bowl

    Let’s go win this thing 🧀💪🧀


The fact Aaron has accepted this new way shows you just how everyone in the media has misrepresented him his entire career . This is a true professional and a great teammate willing to do whatever it takes to get his teams to buy into the offense he is running ! Thank You Aaron ! You are great in every sense of the word !!

    Alen Phillips

    Nicely put.

    Ask About Socialism/ Ask About Inequality

    I recommend eveybody look up the interview he did GQ. It is about 45 minutes long and really makes you feel like you get to know him

    Michael Urbanek

    Yeah no. He’s a diva


    Michael Urbanek keep hating kid 😂 I’m going to laugh when I see you cry when he breaks your heart once again!

John Wilson

Packers Nation


Z Smith is hands down the MVP of the Green Bay Packers !


    @David Rodriguez Im with you but Z Smith has been the heartbeat of this team and the reason this team thinks it can win every single week . I think Aaron Jones is a extremely important player on this roster but Z Smith is on Reggie White’s level when it comes to the persona he presents to this team . He has been that one final piece of leadership this team has laked for so very long . I love me some Aaron Jones but Z Smith is this eras Reggie !

    David Rodriguez

    @jesusoftheapes i feel u hes the mvp on defense jones mvp on offense imagine if the Packers didn’t have a running game they probably be 4-11 right now

    Sean Keogh

    Don’t forget Preston Smith. Both of those guys have been absolute forces on defense

    David Rodriguez

    @Sean Keogh i know smith duo been the best thing to happen for the Packers defense

777d7777 777d7777

As long as we keep winning have as many TDs as you want
Plz packers do not underestimate the lions and beat them In order to secure a bye
Go Pack Go!!!!

Big John Stud

Love this mans perspective and energy rn

Tharen Gore

Is Tom mandatory to be with Rodgers when ever he does interviews? Lol

Mike Kamaleddine

I got a weird feeling arod is GOING OFF vs the lions


    They’re one of the worst pass defense teams in the league… it’s precedented he will but the guy’s been off so you never know. He absolutely needs to before he gets 2 weeks off and hopefully the 1 seed.

michael stevens

it is REMARKABLE that the pack is healthy! I don’t remember a season in recent history if not McCarthy’s tenure that the team wasn’t a dumpster fire going into the playoffs. Also maybe he just use the receivers opportunity to catch a ball instead of al ways using them to block. just sayin

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