Aaron Rodgers Keeps Fighting w/ 65-Yd Deep Ball to Davante Adams – FANTASY FOOTBALL FAN SITE
Bryan Halstead

Packers defense couldn’t stop a nose bleed

    shu s

    @Brandon Carr Seattle woulda beat them cuz refs gave packers calls all year dummy Detroit game wat a joke

    Brandon Carr

    shu s so that’s it? Just ref ball every game right? You can do better than that. Obviously the refs are not perfect but they don’t determine every single game and you can’t just use it as the excuse all the time.

    Brandon Tomsich

    @Brandon Carrhe has had opportunities to play championship games in his stadium before and still lost so what you’re saying makes no sense! And never once did I say you were a Packers fan but you’re the one defending them like you are!

    Brandon Carr

    Brandon Tomsich “so for once let us enjoy it and wish you luck next season!?” Sure sounds like you acknowledging me as a packers fan when before I simply said it’s not easy to win at an opponents building in the playoffs. Also I didn’t say the packers would be guaranteed to win if they had a home championship game but rather they’d have a better chance to, which should be the case for any team. I’m defending them because someone has to. They were called the worst 13-3 team when they managed to win a playoff game unlike the saints who lost in the wild card but that’s besides the point.

Antron 3000

Still game over

Bass Monkey Fishing

49ers cheifs who yall got

    Victor Alvarez

    D-Ford and Jimmy G get revenge against KC. 49ERS Dynast reborn . Feels great baby !!

    Virginia Cavs

    Kansas City


    49ers all the way

    Brandon Tomsich

    @MRTUPAC 28 LMAO overrated defense!?😂🤣🤣😂🤣🤣😂🤣

Send help I'm a disaster

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    Marty McDickcheese

    Youtube is fine we promise

Scott Giese

it’s over tho


    I mean they could’ve came back if their defense could’ve gotten two stops.




    @FamilyMSV excuses for Aaron Rodgers is at a all time high

    Mrs. L

    FamilyMSV they have a defense???🤣🤣🤣

Alton Rodgers

Rodgers fought to the end💯

    Stevy Luv

    @Billy Bob STFU He does not somebodyelse said he suck I told him the same thing Rogers still a Great QB/ just had a tough game against a Elite opponent

    Juggie Bonebrain

    Don’t make me laugh.

    Jade Segura

    Bam Santana just saying if he didn’t wanna play he could retire anytime he wants obviously he wants to win and still play no one is forcing him to play anymore


    True but the defense didn’t.

Memes Day-Long

Rodgers used to be able to spread the ball around, now it’s mostly Adams

    Brotato Chip

    Stone Cold I thought it was all Rodgers?

    shu s

    @Tomowenazin packers cant win without the refs cheating for them

    I H

    Rodgers couldn’t play the refs this time.

    Audio Empire

    @Tomowenazin they were middle of the league in pass defense, and bottom 10 in rush defense. the only thing they were good at was ints and redzone defense and the 2 smiths. their ppg defense is largely skewed by playing: trubisky 2x, kyle allen, flacco, blough, haskins, and daniel jones.

    Shekel Master69

    shu s don’t deny the fact that the 49ers have the superior team both on offence and defence


Good effort but the 49ers DLine and group of RBs are on another level. Superbowl should be a good game.


_”Keeps Fighting”_
AKA *”Garbage Time”*

    Norman VanScoy

    @shu s They were down 20-0 before Rodgers even threw an incompletion…casual


    @shu s favre was the biggest choker bro. 6 ints in the playoffs one year. Another year threw the game losing int vs giants in the nfc championship

    shu s

    @AGK927 4th and 26 not favres fault won 2 nfc championship games Rodgers? Can’t do it on his own needs a Inherited 13 3 team case and point thank


    @shu s well not every game. But Favre blew a lot of games

If it ain't creamy you need me

Go pack go baby love my team regardless of the outcome.


Garbage time, doesn’t matter.

Jordan Ali

Game over SF VS KC

Trevor Labay

Sternberger is going to be good he just needs to get stronger

melvin barnett

Garbage time no fighting keep the same energy

Reesey Trapgod2018


Juggie Bonebrain

Well, if that’s not the best “I don’t want to hurt the loser’s feeling” title for a video, I don’t know what is.


He can keep fighting all he wants at the end of the day aaron gotta take that L back home 😂😂


Nice Try packers😂😂✌

William Lee

That is the ONLY way he knows how to play football, which is the reason he won only 1 SB.

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