Aaron Rodgers 1-on-1: ‘The Only Stat That Matters…is Championships’ – FANTASY FOOTBALL FAN SITE
daniel ramirez

Second one?

Flood reverse


matthew Bakus

First comment GO PACK GO!

daniel ramirez

Bring the Title back to TitleTown!!

Kiasia Johnson


Speedy FLY24

Go pack go 🧀


G Pack!!!!

Daniel Cha


peter macura

Let’s go and beat those birds this weekend!!!


Anything can happen in the playoffs, but alot of plays are going to need to be made of green Bay wants to climb this mountain

Kyrie Irving

Prime Aaron Rodgers is needed rn🙏🏿🙏🏿

Connor Kenway

This will be a defining game of Rodgers career. If he overthrows receivers, holds on to the ball too long, or otherwise poorly manages the game by juicing timeouts as a result of getting outta the huddle too late/audibling out of Lafleur’s designed plays, then it’s safe to say Rodgers has lost a step. Hope these past two weeks was a wake up call for him and I hope he makes me eat my words. Go pack!

    Mario Lunar

    Connor Kenway I think he will have the best game coming Sunday and wins the game for us in a close game against Seattle


    I’d say he has earned the benefit of the doubt considering not only his career success, but also the fact that it’s the first year in a new offense with a few new receivers to gain chemistry with. All I know is that NO ONE in the NFL wants the ball in Rodgers’ hands on the final drive with the game on the line, you can book that one.

    Tharen Gore

    Kumaro and Lazard has really only been practicing with the ones what 4-5 weeks now due to the poor play of Geronimo and MVS. So takes time to get guys right on timing of routs which is cause of lot of missed throws. Also WR not named Adams have had a hard time beating there one v ones which adds to Rodgers holding on to the ball. Add that up its been a slow climb for Rodgers to trust his young WRs.

Dylan O

Dang, 12 is starting to get some grey in his beard.


    Dylan O he’s definitely in his old man era right now.

NotSoSlimSh8dy Moreno

Epic !!!

Fosta Boy

If we beat the Seahawks we are winning the superbowl no ands or ifs

    John Pritzlaff

    I have been having that feeling too.


Some other receivers need to step up. Scantling, Allison, Adams needs help!

Durk Banks

Yes and that’s why Tom Brady is the goat


Even as a bears fan I am hoping the packers win the Super Bowl and bring some pride to this region and this division!

Jr Kuul

As a life long die hard Packers fan I really wish he would’ve said this a few years ago

Jerry Cruz

Honestly offensive has been sloppy but theyve stepped up when we most need it. Go pack go💯💚💛💚💛💚💛

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