Aaron Jones says Packers are ‘locked in’ for Seahawks game – FANTASY FOOTBALL FAN SITE
deondre bryan

Let’s Get The W

Francis Chaske

Go Pack Go we can do this we are soo ready for the Seahawks game Green and Yellow Pride baby!!

Knowledge X The Problem

We will go off on them we will put a statement on offense and defense

    shane nelson

    @west coast SEAAAA…..HAAWKKKSs……..russ about to baptize these fools

    Joseph Flores

    Lol packers winning this game furr surr

    Knowledge X The Problem

    @west coast seahawks these nuts . We gonna respect you guys right now . But when the kick off start keep that same energy.

Dave Smack

2 weeks off is long time …advantage Seahawks. A weekly Game usually helps keep a team loose and focused. The pressure is on Pack not the Hawks. Sometimes teams tend to try to hard not lose rather then win.


    Dave Smack I see what your saying but it’s also a dis advantage Short Week for Seahawks even tho they just got off a Win they have short week to prepare and get used to the weather there

    mick griffin

    @FrostyTundra There is no way to get used to that kind of weather.

Mike Warner

Green and yellow green and yellow. Lets go. Lil Wayne we need a remix

Tyler Simmons

Let’s get revenge on that championship

    Trevon Suggs



It’d be a dream come true if vikes beat S.F. and we win then we get 1 more home game….GO PACK GO💚💛

    shane nelson

    Why dont you all sit back, and let the 9ers and hawks give the people that rubber match everyone wants to see, packers in frisco would be a snoozefest

    Ethereal Punishment

    @shane nelson not really lol

    Trevon Suggs

    shane nelson definitely won’t 💯 y’all brought the pressure the first game but Rodgers never gets blown out by the same team twice , if it’s close against San Fran which it will be Green Bay will get it done

    shane nelson

    @Ethereal Punishment how come? Those games are always the best, i do think vikings and 9ers will be similar

Fonzorelli 808

Never realized how small he was. Those reporters look like lineman compared to him.


    Running backs are small in nature that’s why they can squeeze and run through the blocks. Not all running backs are Derrick Henry.

    Sergio Moralez

    GeorgeBailey2.0 Not all running backs are small Aaron Jones is

Leon Leon

So humble but give him 3 more years of these awful questions he’ll be short answers like davonte lol i cringe at these lame questions

    Dylan .M

    Haha so right

Steven B.

He seems like such a great, great guy. Check out the espn article about him if you haven’t already.


    Met him and his dad last year. Appreciative, thankful. Always yes sir, no sir. Seems like a great guy, hopefully he stays that way.

mike ward

Show the doubters 🏈🏈🏈🧀🧀🧀

Grant Crooks

Go pack go

Justin Credible

Pack strong 💪🏻

Ke'J Reed

I’m so happy for this dude and the season he’s having.


That 2014 NFC championship game still haunts me to this day..

    MalawiGold ElephantMarsh

    Stay positive man! New decade.. we got Sunday to look forward to. Go pack go

    Trevon Suggs



I am so so so so EXCITED n NERVOUS. GoPackGo🏈🏈❤️

David Britt Affiliates

Fire 🔥👊🏾


1/11th boys! Do your jobs!

vademies schik

Hands down Packers get the Win! I’d bet money on it!

Dylan Green

Aaron Jones is my favorite player by far.

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