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A Few Standouts on Offense | Seahawks Daily

Seahawks.com reporter Jen Mueller reports on a few Seahawks players on offense who have been catching the eyes of both coaches and fans. Seahawks offensive coordinator Brian Schottenheimer touches on wide receiver DK Metcalf, running back DeeJay Dallas, and tight end Greg Olsen. Olsen speaks on his experience so far in Seattle and head coach Pete Carroll quickly touches on the kick return game.

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Frenchtoast 143 Reply

Let’s gooo D.K.

TwelfthMan RC & Hobbies Reply

Offense gonna ball out, Defense going to shut it down. Seahawks all the way!! Go Hawks

TheNFLKid Reply

I’m feeling very good. There is just something different about this team then previous years. I believe we are going to do something big this year and years to come

micheal olusanya Reply

Rashad penny might lose his spot

Jay ZevahC10 Reply

I’m exited for dee jay Dallas he was really explosive in college

    Dan Blonsky Reply

    Jay ZevahC10 You gotta check out an interview/film breakdown that DeeJay did with the Dynasty Nerds before the draft. I saw that and immediately pegged him as a future Seahawk.

Clorox Bleach Reply


    Parker Smith Reply

    I’m hawks fan but naw fam maybe 12-4 or maybe 13-3

David Jennings Reply

The first weeks of the season are going to be bizarre,no one really knows who can do what under real game circumstances,just one giant educated guess🤔

Ryan Staiger Reply

Okay, so I think Swain has the best chances of being the returner bc he was really good at it in college. I don’t know much about Moore, and Ursua maybe since he’s pretty quick on his toes. DJ Reed is a really good returner too, but he’s going to be hurt for sometime until he can play again

monk master Reply

Go hawks let’s goooo

Michael V. Reply

DK was wrecking tre flowers

Sharkonabicycle Reply

Wilson asking for AB… meanwhile you got the best receiver in the NFL (in the next couple years) in DK Metcalf… Seattle absolutely are the winners of the 2019 draft… guy is Terrell Owens 2.0.

Master Malcolm Video Jungle Reply

Reporter: Why did you have such a good 2020 season?
Tre Flowers: I had to go against DK all year

    xGambo Reply

    Dunbar taking tre flowers spot

Rafael Alexandre Reply

I love these daily videos! I come up anxious to watch it!

Omar Rose Reply


Nestor Heredia jr Reply

DK with more confidence I think is the scariest thing.

Bruh Bruh Reply

Dk is gonna break out like no other. Just let Russ get the ball more

alex saenz Reply

Its official, we have drafted a souped up Julio Jones. Already a HOF going into his 2nd year. We’ll see if he can be top 5 all time.

Matthew Jefferson Reply

Top 3 offensive 🚫🧢

neil marsh Reply

What’s up with Jamal’s hand?
I have a theory – he’s giving Shaquem tips on pass rush.

Kstro45 Reply

Yo tre flowers is letting me down

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