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Will Snyder

Never get Mahomes up against the wall, he’ll just push off.

    Chuck Deuces

    Mahomes has the ‘IT’ factor that everyone talks about when referring to HOF QBs. He played bad this game, which was partially due to the 49ers defense and Reid’s mediocre playcalling until the 4th, but he still kept slinging it. When he knew his arm couldn’t do it, he used his legs. Dude is incredible. He took massive hits to get his team fired up and to win the game. Idc what anyone says. He legit put on an Elway level super bowl 100%.

Darius Watson

Hey cowboys fan here

To the 49ers fans,

I’m actually proud that you represented the nfc. Everyday on the sports news they have been talking bout cowboys even tho we weren’t even worthy to be in the playoffs at all . And I thought that they would give you recognition and I predicted that it was going to be 49ers and chiefs in the Super Bowl. Y’all played a hell of a game and I hope we can compete at our best next year against the nfc champs.❤️👍🏾


Chiefs can’t just win, we have to give them hope and then devastate them 😂


    ? they destroyed the best defence in the league by being down by 10 and scoring 21 points in less than 12 minutes.

    Wait What

    Deadpoolman all refs


It was an honor to watch Sherman get burned repeatedly during this whole game!

    Alen KaZemi

    cheifortiz I am alen Kazemi and BBC news and♥♥♥

    Black Prince

    @TetraHydroCannabinoL THC Right on brother my words exactly, it’s like you say a school bus racing a sports car.

    Anthony & lorie 671

    the slow and the furious 👌


Who else knew this game was sealed after Jimmy G couldn’t make anything happen after the 2nd pick in the 3rd Q?


    Shanahan sucks. Whole game focus needed to be Mostert and Kittle. Trash game plan like playground ball.


    @Donovan Aaron Agreed, modern day Trent Dilfer but without winning the superbowl

    9erboi 1980

    Jimmy g Is. Smaller…We made it to the Super Bowl..Didnt we ?

    9erboi 1980

    And won in tge air in the Superdown…So Hushhj lol

    Samuel Taco

    Should have ran the ball. Depended too much on Jimmy G

Jeff Cover

The 4th quarter was owned by the Chiefs!


That last interception was INSANE!! Literally snatched it out of hands from behind

    Elijah Bussard

    you could of just said he got reversed mossed

Natanel Solomonov

When there’s enough game highlights that you don’t have to include the halftime show


The best part was seeing that d-bag Richard Sherman get burned a few times on big plays. Dude brags so much, it was awesome to see him wear some goat horns.


    last time sherman was in super bowl, his team up by 10 going into fourth quarter..and ….gave up two tds to then be down by 4..
    This time instead of russell wilson getting to the one yard line and foolishly throwing it away…we got to watch jimmy g. show how bad he really is when it matters just turn the ball over on downs.

salty rangersfan101

Way better than last year’s super bowl

    Chima Ogbonnaya


    Luke Poe

    No, it wasn’t. This super bowl was trash. Belichick is a better coach than Andy Reid and Kyle Shanahan combined. Both coaches tried countless times to give the game away. It’s why this game was reported to be the 10th rated super bowl all-time.

    Nick Gaming

    @Edwin Pink last superbowl wasn’t even close to the “best” superbowl unless your a bandwagon for patriots


    Grant Olsen r/woosh

Legit Gamer

Imagine being up 10 points with 6 minutes left in the game and having the best defense in the leauge, but still losing😁

    Patriot America Jg

    It wasn’t that. It’s the fact that shanahan didn’t run the ball. Niners has the game in the bag but poor coaching failed this team. Defense pretty much gave up after that I would say. That running td the chiefs got was a perfect example


    @Yo Yo overrated everything….jimmy g. is not the guy who is going to get you the win ..hes the guy who is along for the ride.

    Wait What

    Legit Gamer imagine getting played by the refs just so the Chiefs could win

    Flippy 117

    Patriot America Jg I disagree. Chiefs stopped the run all night. The only thing that worked was an occasional sweep tbh. Going 3 and out and giving it right back to the best offense in football that’s in a groove isn’t an option. The problem in this game was very apparent to me, not a fan of either team, nor do I hate either. Jimmy G can’t throw the ball at an elite level, it’s as simple as that. He just simply isn’t a franchise QB. He’s done nothing impressive in any games I’ve seen from him at a consistent level.


9:58 Man I love how just before that game changing drive Pat threw to Hill the commentator said “We need some MAHOMES MAGIC” and he delivered! What a beast 🔥

    Mrs. L

    Fjord Rios stfu and gtfh you poser what do you have to prove??

    Michael Taylors

    Marco Flores and your QB throws with his eyes closed

    Flippy 117

    Marco Flores not a fan of either team, 49ers get away with a ridiculous amount of holds and block in the backs. There were two block in the backs for 3rd down conversions in this game alone. It’s going to happen, no calls or non calls affected the overall outcome of the game.

Aidan Willis

YouTube trending: I’m gonna pretend I didn’t see that

Sev Barron

The Chiefs D were incredible, their O was struggling but once we got an ember under our butts we made it an inferno. Team moral seriously sealed the deal here ladies and gentlemen.


This was actually a pretty good super bowl ngl

    Chima Ogbonnaya

    At least its better than the last superbowl

    Luke Poe

    This super bowl was absolute garbage. There is nothing worse than watching two bad coaches try to give the game away. The end of the second quarter was just beyond cringeworthy.

    Backup Khan

    @Luke Poe it was actually good. The announcers made it annoying

    Flippy 117

    Luke Poe why are you so sad your team wasn’t here? Two bad coaches making it to the Super Bowl in one of the most talent balanced seasons we’ve had in maybe 20+ years. More talent then ever these days bud

    Larry Legend GOAT

    @Luke Poe how can a game be cringeworthy lmao


1:45, terrible editing to not include the synchronized shift

    Scott Bilger

    I know, that was weird. Never seen anything like it.

    Palace Of Wisdom

    That moment needs to be a meme with all kinds of different music.

    Alen KaZemi

    TrailsVonMudder I am alen Kazemi and BBC news and♥♥♥♥


    That was so interesting glad I was paying attention when it happened


When Mahomes threw that 4th quarter pick when they were driving in the 49ers field, we thought it was over.
The niners blew their chances in the 4th.
Then Mahomes put a franchise on his back.

Connor Pearson

Kyle Shanahan has been oustcored 46-0 in the 4th quarter and OT in his 2 Super Bowls as an OC or head coach

    Jorge Gaytan

    Messed up..

    Matt Baker

    Didn’t realize the Falcons defence allowing 31 in 4th QTR and OT all falls on the OC


Glad to see the Chiefs win it, no coach and no fanbase deserved a SB win more


    wdym no coach?

    Joshua Wilson

    @Deadpoolman Andy Reid deserved it more than any other coach


I’ve waited 50yrs for this and I’m only 40.

    J Lang


    22cents 22cents

    The math is perfect!
    Ha Ha. 😀


    Last time the Chiefs won a Super Bowl, I was -24 years old.

    J Lang

    @jr637 I was 8 years old !! OMG !

    GL 1992

    I see you like mac lethal as well

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