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Lexington Leffall

Looks like we have ourselves a “Joe Montana Bowl”

    American Sports Fan

    And Dee Ford 😂


    And Elvis Grbac


    @Mr. W. Don’t forget Steve Bono, Elvis Grback, and Steve Deberg Bowl


    Or Alex Smith Bowl

    MICOLE WHYTE#Oneplus6T, A20, LG G6,

    Or you can call it the Steve Bono bowl

Zach Lee

Sherman deserves that pick for all he’s done for the game

    Luka Vukmirović

    Espically after adams burmed him for 65 yards

    Ryan Koplien

    no. how did he possibly get that pick

    Luka Vukmirović

    @Ryan Koplien desparation throw that he wouldnt make in a closer game

Karen Hardie

Did the announcer say the 49ers quarterback only only had to throw 6 times at one point deep into the game. Wow, that team is pretty good when you don’t even need the quarterback and can run every down.


    The chiefs strategy should be to force garroplolo to throw. if he drops back 30 or more times, the 9ners don’t stand a chance

    Brian Andrade

    @stebo5562 if you think he’s not capable of winning a shootout or come up clutch just ask Drew Brees and the Saints

    Shawn Christianson

    Brian Andrade Yes, it will be a good game, but the 49ers haven’t played speed like KC has. If Garapolo can’t keep up, it’s going to be a long day.


    Brian Andrade
    Brees has had a good career but he’s no Mahomes this year. He choked against cousins.

    Current Batches

    One of the talking heads was claiming that was bc Shanahan doesn’t trust JG. Ha and ha.

Miami Sports fan

Finally an interesting Super bowl

    Mr Guire

    Hot Pocket you are so stupid these scandals are proven nobody even disputes them

    A Lee

    Hot Pocket They steal film from teams before they play them, they’ve deflated the ball (Which is their most known one) , and more

    Littleone Forever

    @MR FLORES que lambon eres haha

Andrew Amora

Can’t wait to hear Stephen a Smith talk about this “bad man”


    Excuses inbound. Rodgers is washed.

    Minnesota Sports Fan

    two dogs our defense is honestly the most overrated defense in the league along with the bears. Anyone can shred them up at any time

    two dogs

    @Minnesota Sports Fan That’s not what the league’s stat sheet says.

    Minnesota Sports Fan

    two dogs our defense does decently against under 500 teams with bad offenses. Watch highlights of us vs good offenses. They can’t stop a nosebleed


Rodgers is still allergic to the Sherm Germ. XD

    Ballin Too

    He thrown a 60 yard bomb at shern

    - Exiled -

    Ballin Too one got picked

    That Football Guy

    Ballin Too In what was relatively garbage time


What is going on in that thumbnail?


    Chibz92 exactly what i was thinking

    Joesph Vissarionovich Stalin

    Chibz92 he did the T-Pose

    Kaybe Vang

    The power of the T-Pose

Chris Klein

Packers: “We’re going to do things a little different this time.”

49erz D: “I”ma end this man’s double check”

    Andres D

    They did, score 3 TDs instead of just one.

    Impeach The Orange Buffoon

    Thanks for proving my point. Lame kid, is lame.

Will Buck

Any questions? This may be the best SB ever. If you’re gonna put any chicken on the game, bet the 49er money line

Chris Klein

Dear Patrick,


    Shawn Christianson

    Oh he will. He will run right into the end zone. Just like yesterday

    Kevin Moy

    Shawn Christianson we are not the titans defense lmfaoo

Devi Lisa

The telling stats of Aaron Rodgers’ overrated reputation.
In 32 regular season games in 2018 and 2019, Rodgers threw just 6 INTs.
In 4 NFC title games since 2010, Rodgers has thrown 7 of his 12 career postseason INTs.
Rodgers, the NFL’s all time leader in TD-INT ratio has thrown 6 TDs with 7 INTs in 4 career NFC title games.
I listen to the BS Rob Parker, Shannon Sharpe and Stephen A. Smith talking about him being the greatest thrower ever and he gets in title games and becomes Brock Osweiller.

    Ken Zeier

    Lot of dissent here but one thing that is a stat that can’t be refuted Rogers is one win and three losses in NFC championships losing seems to go with Aaron Rodgers.

    Deon Rec

    @Charlie Kelly Yea Rodgers panic too much.But i rarely see other Great Quaterbacks with the most pressure sustain long drives on the road against a far superior team with the best defense,Rodgers cost his team the number 1 seed like he kinda cost them this game the packers needed Home field.Home field is one of the reasons why brady and Belicheck get to Superbowl for majority of their career.

    Devi Lisa

    @Ballin Too -you could say the same thing about Russell Wilson.
    The fact is, Rodgers puts up stats too many times when the game is out of hand (yesterday is a perfect example) and they have no chance to win.
    I’ve seen him too many times playing too safe despite his rep for being able to sling the ball,

    Greg Rubin



Dear Richard Sherman, We Miss you.

-Seahawks Fan.
P.S. Keep proving Your Worth. 💯🚫🧢

    Veezy the bot

    We miss whole lob our defense now is at times very bad

    206 guy

    I’m still pissed that we traded him. Pete and John need to start respecting players. I mean look at Frank right now.

    Sean Uy

    206 guy he wasn’t traded. He was released

    206 guy

    @Sean Uy Either way. We let him go

Bill Borgerding

Very sad. I remember Aaron Rodgers
when he could take over a game. He’s
a smart guy, he can still make the occasional great throw, but he’s too cautious, he moves like an old man, it’s worse than I thought. He won’t make it to 40, and he won’t go to another super bowl. I hope the packers have a plan to replace him, there going to have to face the facts and deal with it…..now.

    Ren ren

    He has one receiver, no D, no Oline. Hes in the same spot as Brady.


    @Ren ren And you see what’s happening to Brady right? Rodgers is next.

    John Calhoun

    Russell wilson had no run game (he was the leading rusher), injured offensive line, and a 26th ranked defense who couldnt get off on 3rd down. And nearly beat packers in the “frozen tundra”. Rodgers should’ve performed better, no excuse.

    Michael M

    @Ren ren True, which makes it more sad to see his ability go to waste like that

Benjamin Marchionna

Would not be an NFC championship game with out sherman interception

Uncle Sam

49ers made two top 10 defenses look like pop warner teams.

Julian Ruvalcaba

Sherman with 2 picks to start off the postseason. Pick in the Superbowl? I think so

Larry Lattimore

I think Rodgers was seeing Ghost

    Mr. Lightskin

    He was lol


I feel bad for Rodgers he always looking so depressed

Frost Byte

You Know Lil Wayne crying punching the air


    Packers have a Lil Wayne while the 49ers have a Lil Jon


They need to add “Again”’ to the title

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