40-Yard Stroll: Braxton Berrios Was A Valedictorian At The U? | New York Jets | NFL – FANTASY FOOTBALL FAN SITE
Danny ODell

What’s up Ny jets

Highly Skeptical

I think this kid has a ton of untapped potential… looking forward to watching him develop.

Better than the rest

Let’s do better next season fellow jet fans


    Better than the rest Can’t wait already


Sounds like he said “40 Yard Troll” 😂

John Finnegan

I love how every player on the team is clearly a career professional athlete who could knock me down by looking at me too hard, and then Braxton Berrios looks like the guy who wouldn’t let me in to a frat party freshman year

Jorge Ospina

I think this kid is going to be very good let’s give him the time to develop and help us reach that super bowl


Forty yard TROLL

Reik R

Love this dude he’s a good addition to the squad

Matias Morales

Love Berrios

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