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2019 Week 17: Seahawks vs 49ers Preview

The Seattle Seahawks host the San Francisco 49ers in their Week 17 matchup at CenturyLink Field for the 2019 regular-season finale.

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Krispy Chris




    The Lone Wolf

    Bruh “TTLE” 😂 #WellPlayed


    Krispy Chris HAWKS💙💚

    Misael David

    Forgot the COCKS there buddy. It’s Seacocks.

    Rowdy Jr.

    @Misael David So childish, Misael! Did your third grade teacher taught you special ed? Is seacocks your favorite weak comeback name?

Cory Campbell

The Seattle Seahawks will pull through if they win on Sunday before the playoffs in January

Leland Garcia

Go hawks !!!! Win vs sf

Brian Jimenez

Come on s


Niners fan here, looking forward to a great game on Sunday and the return of Beastmode. Good luck!

    The Lone Wolf

    YES! I love these kinds of fans keeps the NFL community awesome, 49ers have done amazing this season and this is coming from a Seahawks fan since 2001. Here is to the return of Marshawn and hopefully a great primetime game. #GoHawks

    Angus Macmillan

    The Lone Wolf so true the 9ers are amazing but so are the seahawks in different ways. I cannot wait to watch the game and discuss it after. Ggs all round

    Renee Amsbary

    Great respect back, so nice that fans can be civil! That said GO HAWKS!

    Jojo Gonzalez

    HotHoncho thank god a actual respectful 9ers fan good luck to y’all may the best team win I can’t wait and go hawks

    Maximus Arillus

    Hoping for bad luck for niners! We will need it for this beast of a team. We have magic Wilson that can pull rabbits out the hat at times, gonna need it. I so dont want 49ers to win, because I hate Kap. and that jellyfish libtard state. Buuuuunnnnng!

Z.Z Shirer



How the Seahawks Play:

Let’s Score Twice in the first quarter.

Let’s give our fans a slight heart attack by letting the opponent score three times

Let’s give Russell 5 seconds to clutch.


    Micah Hoopster

    You that’s literally 90 percent of their wins

    Don’t like this Comment plz I don’t like it

    It’s 100 percent

    Micah Hoopster

    Don’t like this Comment plz I don’t like it I’m picking up what ur laying down

Fumi S

I really hope Diggs play. Our secondary is weak and without Diggs it sucks big time. Our skinny/skeleton cornerbacks will not be able to bring down Kittle. I’m legitimately worried.

    The Lone Wolf

    Kittle is a boss, and he will be difficult to handle. But double-teaming might help slow him down.

    thunder strike

    Akeem king

2k.g3rsh0m _

I’m scared to watch may just sleep


    It’s going to be a blowout

Muhammad Ersan Nurizha

sorry jackie but pass protection has been an issue the WHOLE season😫

Frostyy Gaming

My guy Pete got so old I miss the old days when he chewed his flavored gum😢

    Shanna Smith

    He still does every game

Brian Young

I’ll be there. NFC WEST!!!!! Let’s win!!!!!


Lynch can bring a legendary energy to the field even if he finishes with 20 yards
He makes everyone play better

If we lose itll be because of Schotty


I’m rooting for Homer to soak up all of the knowledge he can from the two vets. Take advantage of their experience, hopefully for the entire postseason run.

Chocolate Santos

As a Niner fan, I love our rivalry. We are the 2 best teams in the NFL and I hope whoever wins goes to the Superbowl. Best Division in the NFL and I hope we both have no more injuries!!


    Best of luck from a Seattle fan

    David Zakaryan

    See you in NFC Championship game)))


    Well said classy comments.
    True Seahawk fan since 1983.

    Dominique Williams

    I hope to see you guys in the NFC Championship game like the old days a classic SEA vs SF playoff game

Youtube FBI

Btw loser plays Dallas or Eagles so it’s basically just a bye week anyway

    Cash Carter


Jordan Salinas

Let’s go Hawks come on Russ.

Erick gomez

Good luck y’all let’s have a good game and have no injuries best of luck in the playoffs

Don’t like this Comment plz I don’t like it

2019 anyone? Haha


I’m a Saints fan so let’s go Seahawks

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