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2019 Week 10: Seahawks at 49ers | Condensed Game

Watch a condensed version of a thrilling Monday Night Football road win over the 49ers from Week 10 of the 2019 season. Jason Myers kicked a 42-yard field goal with four seconds remaining in overtime to give the Seahawks a 27-24 win.

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Simeon Weiss

Best game ever hands down


    Simeon Weiss right I took time off work for it

Maskedman Productions

This game was the best of the season, stayed up for the whole thing

    Nardo Umizaki

    This was the best game in the season

    Eli Torres

    same, but i had school the next day so it hurt to get up in the morning but it was worth bragging about.

    sam hawkz

    I called out from my night shift for this lol

    Mark Reninger

    @sam hawkz I got hammered and lost my voice at my moms house from screaming at the tv. Then sobered up enough to drive to work that night lmaooo

Wizdil GamerHD

i need one thing…


    Scotty Pimpen


    WeaponXwing Lo-Gesus




    Jash Desai


    Ishan Patil


Ricardo Masvidal

Seahawks games last season was a rollercoaster we had so many close games. As long as we beat the 49ers than im happy

    uCantHop inMyCar

    Hope we can get a couple blowouts this season lol these close games are just way too much to happen every game.

    LEGOStarwars Videos

    Only if we won that 2nd one

Murilo Gabriel

Insane game. Wilson is the real MVP

Jonathan Zamora

Hey 49ers “You Mad Bro”


My favorite game is the one with GB NFC championship game

    Baha Muminov

    I liked the superball more

    moss man

    i like the super bowl when the 49ers lost


I almost had a heartattack during that game. 😂

    Master Stumpy

    We ALL did lol

    DArion Mccleary

    My heart was pounding just rewatching it now


    I was there and feel like I had multiple throughout this game haha


    Only one? Oh boy…

sean herring

Put up that Bucs game. We need a shootout.

    Drama Empire

    What? On a Seattle Seahawks page lol I don’t see it unless we play them

    Lysol Kills99%oftherona

    @Drama Empire remember that game last year when we played the bucks?

    sean herring

    @Drama Empire played them last year. Winston vs Wilson OT.

    Drama Empire

    Week 9 OT win, I remember

    sean herring

    @Drama Empire yeah tha game Winston decided not to throw ANY interceptions.(bad fumble tho) Its nice to see a game where Russ is cut loose.( I still like the way we play tho)

Marc Amico

Both fanbases almost died of a heart attack at Santa Clara and at Century Link. Man,the ’19 season for Seattle was insane.

The_Gorilla 778

Everyones hating on tre flowers yea hes not the best but hes actually pretty good

    Ty Moss

    he has his moments.. he’s just not consistence enough go back and watch the packers playoff game

    Ty Moss

    hopefully griff just keeps getting better. my prediction is after this up coming season griff will be a top 10 cb in the league

    The_Gorilla 778

    @Ty Moss yea true

    The_Gorilla 778

    @Ty Moss yea hopefully. hes pretty underated griffen is


Best game of 2019 and as a hawks or 9er fan a lot of blood pressure changes

Wyatt Earb

Jimmy still has nightmares of Jadeveon for that night lol

uCantHop inMyCar

This game had me on the floor laying on my back with hands behind my head, this was the most intense game of the season.

thomas cope

won this game despite all the bs calls

DD Vlogs

Refs tried so hard to give this one to the niners as well 😂


    You think? I thought I was the only one who noticed but again I am a Seahawks fan

    Tyrone Pepe

    They really did. Some penalties were our poor play. But others were clearly given to the 9ers.

Ryan Jenkins

The dislikes are from the 49ers fans😂 they still salty

Ghost Adventure

49ers thought they’re undefeated team lmao L

unknown bro

Even though geno said tails, the ref gave him heads. I’m not complaining though. Go hawks

nicky P

Im just glad i dont have to see robert saleh’s face 20 times

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