2019 Playoffs NFL Mini Movie: From the Titans Improbable Run to Mahomes Magic! – FANTASY FOOTBALL FAN SITE
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Leo Sydlik

Titans were the surprise team this playoff season

    J H

    How do you Capt Obvious *yourself* ?!

    Universe_ pog

    Leo Sydlik no duh

    Ryan Flanagan


Noah Hernandez

Not the first
Not the last
But when I see nfl posted I click fast

    Micah Williamson

    Same dude

    carson cool guy

    @Micah Williamson you got a heart from the NFL once?

    Micah Williamson

    @carson cool guy yes this video

    Chris Dominguez



These are always so fun to watch

    Ryan Flanagan



    I wait for this all season

    subject jayden


    I love food but don't like you


    Hai Voai

    Yes nhttps://youtu.be/49wtfLGDyHA


Clicked immediately

Tray Films

THIS was epic. Insane job with the edits, beautiful storytelling.

Groovy B

Anyone else scared of Mahomes and the chiefs? Never seen a team like them. Mahomes is 5-0 in his career when down by more than 10 points. The kid is gonna be like nothing we’ve ever seen.

    Collin Fries

    @Lilgrandechile that’s exactly what was said last year and look what happened


    @Adam Moody Ok. But I’m not sure I’d put Derrick Rose in that mix. He’s not on that level. Ken Griffey Jr is borderline. Bo Jackson? Now there’s an animal and the perfect example of what you’re talking about. Sean Taylor as well…killed. Things like that. Derrick Thomas…bordering on an LT like career (although not quite LT).

    Humanoid Typhoon

    @Football Fanatic hes 5-0 when down double digits this season.


    tom brady?? like 60 career comebacks

Darthultria __

Nfl man you never disapoint

Corey J.

“im a beast” “HIT ME”…chills

Titans fan.

    Hai Voai

    Yes vhttps://youtu.be/49wtfLGDyHA

    Nick Gillaspie

    I dig the respect, here’s to another battle with King Henry next January 🍻


    That reminds me of John Henderson (former DT for the Jags) who had an assistant coach slap him across the face before every game to get him in the right mindset for the game.

    Andy Walker


Jay Parker

I forgot the Patriots were in the playoffs this year lol

    Jonathan Taylor

    Jay Parker they were for like a quarter lol


    Jay Parker same

    Football Fanatic

    I kind of forgot about the Saints to

    Hai Voai

    Yes ohttps://youtu.be/49wtfLGDyHA

    Lamalas Elansie

    so did they lol

Nick Gillaspie

Did anyone else skip the first couple of minutes so you didn’t have to listen to Joe Tessitore?

    Andrew Reeve

    Nick Gillaspie thanks for saving my time by posting this for me. He’s on par with Eddie Alvarez’s wife at his fights

    Nick Gillaspie

    @Andrew Reeve You bet! It also bugs the crap out of me that Bills choked that game away, the lights got too bright at the end for Josh Allen.


The key to winning the super bowl never let go of the gas or else the other team will pass u by.


    Obviously not…


    @Keymuandre Abdallah it didnt really work in 2018 lol patriots did win the SB

    Keymuandre Abdallah

    @TheBarbahaba thought that’s true the Patriots paid the refs a little more to make sure the Miami miracle doesn’t ruin their Superbowl chances


    @Keymuandre Abdallah lol 🙂 in any case chiefs has the biggest key locked in building an empire
    if lamar ever gets serious in the playoff it might be interesting but until than ..

    Keymuandre Abdallah

    @TheBarbahaba yeah the chiefs has the league on lock

George P. Burdell

I’m not sure I can take another 50 years to see another Chiefs championship. Do it again, Mahomes!

    Keymuandre Abdallah

    @Rio_ S550 nah the Rams could’ve beaten the chiefs that year

    Huey Newton

    @Keymuandre Abdallah how when chiefs pretty much beat the team that won Superbowl but barely lost by an offside penalty 😂💯.

    Keymuandre Abdallah

    @Huey Newton well the Rams beat the chiefs already last year and had a great offense and defense


    Rio_ S550 he’s just a mad broncos fan he’s gonna be bias

    Keymuandre Abdallah

    @Bison no I’m not being bias if the chiefs was in the Superbowl last year I would’ve picked them to win but that doesn’t mean they would have won

Jennifer Blunt

“Thank you Kansas City, we did it” will never get old! Lifelong Chiefs fan here, will be celebrating all year🔥🔥🔥🔥

    Gg Kingd

    Ik this is the best feeling ever! We superbowl champions 😂✊🏽

    Nick Gillaspie


ETroller 828

I love that my dawgs are in the Title: “From the Titans Improbable Playoff Run…” LOVE IT!

    Titan up


    LaRon Hart

    I respect the Titans. And I respect the Titans fans y’all beat us in the regular season (chiefs fan) and then when we beat y’all y’all didn’t make any excuses. Y’all got something special in Tennessee with Derrick Henry and aj brown and Ryan tannehill

    ETroller 828

    @LaRon Hart and if we can get a young defensive coordonator…. oh man. NOBODY’S going to want to play against the Titans


19:50 Wasp!!!

    Sayena A

    “Do we have time to run wasp?”

Patrick Dickey

Who cried in Kc be honest.

    Nick Gillaspie

    What can I say? I happen to have a lot of onions around that I need to use

    Luke W

    Just like Billy Bob from Varsity Blues, I cried, because I’m kind of a cryer. After the Chiefs got the ball back before the last Williams touchdown, I went and got my 2 year old son out of bed and sat him on my lap. We watched the Chiefs win it all together. He will not remember that moment, but I will cherish it the rest of my life. My wife does think I’m a little crazy, and that’s ok.


    Judging by power and light Sunday night after the game, the whole damn city lol


Vikings: Wanna see me end the Saints’ dreams of going to the super bowl again?
Vikings: Wanna see me do it again?

Sean Miller

Man, Mitch Holthus is the best announcer in sports! His passion is unmatched


    My favorite substory to all of this is that nationally, everyone is having to listen to Holthus and realize their commentators can’t hold a candle to him

Mark Herrera

20:18 What an absolute battle cry.

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