2019 Player Spotlight: Nick Chubb | Cleveland Browns – FANTASY FOOTBALL FAN SITE

2019 Player Spotlight: Nick Chubb | Cleveland Browns

Nick Chubb's teammates discuss his work ethic, some of his best plays of 2019 and the Pro Bowler's silent approach to being a leader for the Cleveland Browns.

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max ackermann

Best in the league!

Tevin Prejean

Clearly the best rb in the afc an it’s not even close SIKE … Chubb is honestly the best rb in the league


    Him and Henry

Jrcbigdogg C

Nice inside look…He’s effeminately is a force to be reckoned with. Can’t wait to see him start again..He’ll be even better than his last two seasons.


When the time comes you hand him a blank check and let him fill it out.

William Paul

Browns need a few with his grit. Keep it on the field. Save the talk.

Nathaniel Scalf

My boy Nick Chubb a dawg!!!

Zach Allen

*Runs through 3 guys and scores a touchdown*
*Number 76*: “Did you score?”
*Chubb*: “Yep”

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