2019 HIGHLIGHTS | Every Rushing TD from 2019 – FANTASY FOOTBALL FAN SITE
KeatoRalph 11221

colts for life

Solo Dolo

I”m proud of my Colts. I can’t wait for the new season to start.


boy Zach is a blocking machine for a wideout

the real scorptile

If only brissett could do play action well we would have blown out teams that barely beat the colts

    Xennieal chayliss

    Yea like they couldn’t run that ol manning Edgerin stretch
    Or the early comeback route to Hilton like he was Harrison

Jamel Ramseur

We need to run it a lot more

    Jericho fletcher

    Yeah ok


    Jamel Ramseur we literally ran the ball more than half of our plays lol

    Jamel Ramseur

    @TrainTrackz I’m talking about when we’re inside the 10-yard line half the time. There are times where we took shots in the end zone on first and second down. Or we would not see one run play for an entire drive.


marlin can be in the top 5 in atlest 2 years

Orlan Borkholder

Did anyone else notice Nelson was the third Colt in the endzone in the first clip

Johnny Garcia

Make a Marlon Mack highlight video plz!


We need a video of all the 41 sacks

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