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Josh Zuke


The Potato J

Sign some online or else stafford gonna get injured first second of season again


    Reread what u just commented

    Ian Wellhousen

    The Potato J Just need a guard. Decker, Dahl, Ragnow and Vaitai is solid. Vaitai has to be better than Wagner who wasn’t good last year



    Motown Lions89

    MF what?



Zkobi Hi

I miss bell


    He was really good for a bit. He did start to kind of suck.

Justin Masters

I miss 2013-2014 lions! The only person left from those teams is pretty much Stafford.

    TeddyBelcher 4K Ultra wide 21:9

    Enjoy his 70th win next year

    The Jeneral View

    You’re right… Only Stafford and Ol Reliable Dan Mulbach


Damn I was at that game. 7years later, just more grey hairs. Same old same. Smh.


the way to the NFC Championship is through Dallas….we will beat them, we just gotta win the NFC North and get that damn home game!

vvs zirk

jerry jones wasn’t gonna let this happen again in 2014 🤣

Anthony L

Hopefully these clowns dont screw this draft up… i want to witness some playoff football people i die…

The Jeneral View

This is the team that Patricia is trying to build… Stafford with help in the run game and a nasty dline who can win their match ups… A lot of ppl wanna see you fail but I’m pulling for ya coach! #OnePrideOrDontRide 💪🏾🦁

    Joe Galloway

    We had a coach that already built that and we fired him for Patricia and he has won 9 games in two years and you dont think that’s a problem

    The Jeneral View

    Are you talking about the coach that made a tough nosed Lions teams into kittens? The coach that got saved by Stafford with 8 comeback wins? That’s what wasn’t good enough. Caldwell did a good job on helping our players mature but overall he wasn’t a good coach


    @The Jeneral View Exactly bro you speaking truth right now, Caldwell literally screwed up what Schwartz was building that’s why we had such a nice team in 2014 and he fucked it up in 2015 and made the team soft. Stafford was directly responsible for getting the team to the playoffs in 2016, not Caldwell that’s facts. Now Patricia is very similar to Schwartz he’s trying to build up a tough football team and I’m pulling for Patricia as well. #ThePencil

Aiden DeLuca

Can you guys make MEGATRON highlights

Mike Lor

If Chase Young is there at 3, take him no doubt. If not, please trade back and draft Isaiah Simmons. The dude is a generational freak. Similar to Calvin Johnson, Julio Jones, & Barkley but on the defensive side.

Shoff 29

I sent my dad to a game in 2013. Couldn’t choose between the Dallas game and Cinci game. Ended up choosing Cinci. What a mistake on my part.

They ended up losing the Cinci game because kickers couldn’t make kicks. But Calvin made that awesome catch in triple coverage.

Shoff 29

Isn’t it crazy that the highlight game of the Detroit Lions this century is a random regular season game against Dallas. 😕

Adin Kram

The ending of this game gives me goosebumps every time. Amazing how this is somehow only the second best Stafford moment ever.


I’m pulling for you Patricia because he reminds me so much of Schwartz as Schwartz built up a tough football team and it really showed in 2013 and 2014 but 2014 was the true year of the 6-year rebuild that Schwartz was build for and it’s going to take Patricia a few years to get Caldwell’s soft mess cleaned up. I believe Patricia is a better coach than Schwartz so I can see the team being a heavyweight playoff contender year in and year out if we keep our patience with him. #ThePencil

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